One that's being developed recently app Need to add fingerprint recognition function , Search for official documents first , Simple and easy to understand :

The main purpose of fingerprint identification should be to determine whether the current user is the host , Wrote a demo Simple experience :

1 First of all, we need to introduce fingerprint identification library

2 Import and stock in

#import "LocalAuthentication/LAContext.h"

3 Key code

 LAContext *myContext = [[LAContext alloc] init];
NSError *authError = nil;
NSString *myLocalizedReasonString = @"We need to verify your fingerprint to confirm your identity"; // Judge whether the device supports fingerprint identification
if ([myContext canEvaluatePolicy:LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics error:&authError]) { // Fingerprint identification only determines whether the current user is the host or not
[myContext evaluatePolicy:LAPolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics
reply:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {
if (success) {
// User authenticated successfully, take appropriate action
NSLog(@" Fingerprint authentication successful "); returnCode = @"1"; } else {
// User did not authenticate successfully, look at error and take appropriate action
NSLog(@" Fingerprint authentication failed ,%@",error.description);
// Error code error.code
// -1: Three consecutive fingerprint identification errors
// -2: stay TouchID Click the Cancel button in the dialog box
// -3: stay TouchID Click the enter password button in the dialog box
// -4: TouchID The dialog box was cancelled by the system , For example, press Home Or power button
// -8: Five consecutive fingerprint identification errors ,TouchID Function locked , Next time you need to enter the system password returnCode = [@(error.code) stringValue];
}]; } else {
// Could not evaluate policy; look at authError and present an appropriate message to user
NSLog(@"TouchID The device is not available ");
// TouchID No fingerprint set
// Close password ( If the system does not set a password TouchID Unable to enable ) }

4 Get it done !


After fingerprint authentication failure TouchID A “ Input password ” The button , I thought that clicking this button would pop up the password input interface of the system , But it's not ,error.code The value of is -3, After that, there were a lot of questions , such as “ What if the system doesn't set a password ?”,“ Can you change the password button to cancel or remove it ”,“ Why do I need it TouchID, It doesn't seem to make any sense ”..

After testing, the following conclusions are obtained :

a. If the system does not set a password ,TouchID It cannot be enabled , Turn on TouchID The system will force you to set a password

b. “ Input password ” The button should provide us with the entrance to integrate our own business authentication mechanism , Like alipay , You can pay through TouchID fingerprint identification , You can also complete the payment by entering the payment password

c. Why TouchID Fingerprint identification function ? Personally think that TouchID This function should not be involved APP In the business consideration scenario , Whether you have the equipment or not TouchID,app They should have their own authentication mechanism , Do you have business in this way TouchID It makes sense in all kinds of devices ,Android The same goes for platforms . as for TouchID This function , It should be an additional convenience function , With , That would be convenient , User experience will be better , If not, it doesn't matter .

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