At present, we are doing springboot Project shiro session redis sharing . But there's one object that I put in redis Type mismatching exception will appear when it is taken out after

AuthorizationUser user = (AuthorizationUser) cache.getSuper(key);

Abnormal information :

java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

adopt debug See that their class information is the same

It just looks the same ? Let me judge

The result is false ,

So we know that JVM The basis for judging whether two class objects are the same : One is the full name of a class ; One is the class loader

Since their full names are the same , So the problem must be the classloader

We can Debug Take a look at their classloaders

Sure enough , Their classloaders are different !

So what makes his classloader different ?

As we all know, the default class loading mechanism of virtual machine is implemented through parental delegation .springboot In order to achieve dynamic program ( such as : Code hot swap 、 Module hot deployment, etc , In plain language, the container does not restart after the class file is modified ),“ Destroy or sacrifice ” I've developed a parental delegation model .springboot By forcible intervention -- “ to intercept ” Loading of user-defined classes ( from jvm The loader of AppClassLoader Turn into springboot Custom loader RestartClassLoader, Once it is found that there is a file modification under the classpath ,springboot Medium spring-boot-devtools The module immediately discards the original class file and class loader , Regenerate a new class loader to load a new class file , To achieve hot deployment . More popular OSGI Hot deployment can also be achieved ).

Since the source is due to hot deployment , So just find a way to turn it off springboot Hot deployment of .

< Scheme 1 > By removing springboot Hot deployment module for spring-boot-devtools To achieve 

stay pom Note out springboot Of spring-boot-devtools


< Option two > If you don't want to take it off spring-boot-devtools Modules can also disable deployment features


Readers can also be in Set disable properties , But its scope only occurs in the current module , If your project involves multiple modules , It's better to disable it at the level of the whole running system through the above way , In order to avoid the inconsistency of class loaders when implementing class file calls among multiple modules .

< Option three > Since it's a class loader problem, you can also use Spring Of ConfigurableObjectInputStream coordination Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() To use .

There is a type mismatch in object deserialization (spring-boot-devtools) More articles about

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