The code is as follows :

function Foo(){
getName = function(){ console.log("1"); }
return this;
Foo.getName = function(){
Foo.prototype.getName = function(){
var getName = function(){
function getName(){
Foo.getName(); //
getName(); //
Foo().getName(); //
getName(); //
new Foo.getName(); //2 => new (Foo.getName)() new No parameter list
new Foo().getName(); // 3 => (new Foo()).getName(); //new With parameter list
new new Foo().getName(); //3 => new ((new Foo()).getName)() //new With parameter list


The output is :2
principle : What he's calling is Foo Static method of ( If C#、java And so on ), Because Javascript Medium Function Itself is Function and Object The combination of , therefore function It's a function , Also object . ad locum Foo It's the execution of one of his objects function nothing more .


The output is :4
principle : Maybe you wonder why not 5,function The variable is raised to the top of the scope , and var Defined will not , therefore var The statement's override function Statement . So the result is 4


The output is :1
principle :Foo() It's a function call ,Foo In the executor getName Reassigned ( Overall getName, Look up... Based on the scope chain ), Back to this by window(Foo There is no call to , The default is global ), then .getName() Called the global getName( It means being Foo I wrote getName), So the result is :1


The output is :1 principle : because Foo In the executor, the global getName Rewrote , At this time, the call is global getName. So the result is :1

new Foo.getName()

The output is :2
principle :

  • because new No arguments , And new The operation optimization level with parameters is the same .new There is participation in . Operators at the same level , and new A lower level of nonparametric . So it's going to execute first . Operator to Foo Static method of getName
  • And then execute new, What you get is Foo.getName An example of . So the output is :2

new Foo().getName()

The output is :3

principle :

  • because new It's involved , And . Operator siblings , In order of execution from left to right , Execute first new Foo().
  • new Foo() It needs our attention , Because he has a return value . There are two types of return values :
    • No return has the same effect as return as a basic type : Return all instance objects ( It's the current this)
    • Return to reference type : The object returned is of this reference type , The instance object is replaced ( It's the current this No return ). Factor new Foo() The return is the instance object
  • .getName(): Select this method for the previous instance , So the output is :3

new new Foo().getName()

The output is :3
principle : Mainly is the operator priority examination , It should not be directly used in case development . First new Ginseng , then .getName(. Operator )( Why . Operator , This is because new The level of no parameter is one grade lower ), Again new Ginseng .

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