Set aggregate

   Just repeat , There is no order
  HashSet Of add Method will call hashCode and equals, So it's stored in HashSet Objects in need to override these two methods .

   To repeat , And it can be sorted in some order
  TreeSet Of add Method turns the object into Comparable, And then call compareTo Method , So it's stored in TreeSet Objects in must implement Comparable, rewrite compareTo Method

  HashSet Subclasses of , To repeat , And keep the storage order

4. Iterative way
   Using Iterators Iterator
   Use enhancements for loop

 HashSet principle :
 * If we want a set to have the ability to repeat , It can be in its add Method to check whether the object to be added exists in the collection . 
 * Iterate over each element in the set , Compare with what you want to add , If the same , It doesn't exist .
 * If you use the above method , When there are too many set elements , It's going to be inefficient .

* for example : There are 1 Ten thousand elements , When storing the next one , Need and front 1 Ten thousand are more , Low efficiency .
 * HashSet How it works :
 *    Every time you store an object , Call the object's hashCode() Method , Calculate a hash value . Look in the collection for elements with the same hash value .
 *     If there is no hash value for the same element , Deposit directly into .
 *     If there are elements with the same hash value , Use one by one equals() Methods to compare .
 *      The comparison results are all false Just deposit .
 *      If the comparison turns out to be true Then it doesn't exist .
 * How to save a custom class object into HashSet Go ahead and repeat
 *    Class must override hashCode() Methods and equals() Method
 *   equals() Method
 *   hashCode() Method to ensure that objects with the same properties return the same value , Objects with different properties should be as different as possible

TreeSet principle :
 * TreeSet When storing objects , Can sort , But you need to specify the sort of Algorithm
 * Integer Can sort ( There is a default order ), String Can sort ( There is a default order ), Exception occurred when storing custom class ( There is no order )
 * If you want to store the object of a custom class in TreeSet Sort , Then it must be realized Comparable Interface
 *    On a class implement Comparable
 *    rewrite compareTo() Method
 *    Define a comparison algorithm within a method , According to the size , Returns a positive number, a negative number, or zero
 *    In the use of TreeSet When storing objects , add() Method will be called automatically compareTo() Methods for comparison , Use... According to the comparison Binary tree Form for storage

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