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1.WCF What is it?

A、WindowsCommunication Foundation(WCF) It is a series of application frameworks developed by Microsoft to support data communication , Can be translated as Windows Communication development platform .

B、 It is .NET Part of the frame , from .NET Framework 3.0 Start introducing , And WPF( Interface graphics framework ) And WF( Workflow framework ) And called the new generation Windows The operating system and WinFX(Windows Vista Managed code programming model for ) Three major application development class libraries .

C、 stay .NETFramework 2.0 And in previous versions , Microsoft has developed WebService、.NET Remoting、Winsock And other communication support , Because the design methods of each communication method are different , And there's overlap between them , For developers , Different choices lead to different programming models , And it has to be relearned , There are a lot of inconveniences for developers in users . meanwhile , Service Oriented Architecture SOA It's also becoming popular in the software industry , So Microsoft revisited these communication methods , And designed a unified program development model , It provides the most basic and flexible support for data communication , This is it. WCF, therefore WCF Integrating the original windows Communicating .net Remoting,WebService,Socket The mechanism of , And there are HTTP and FTP Related technology .

2.WCF What can be done ?

According to Microsoft's official explanation ,WCF( The previous version was called “Indigo”) Is to build and run a service orientation using managed code (Service Oriented) Unified framework for applications .

It enables developers to build a cross platform security 、 A reliable 、 Transactional solutions , And compatible with existing systems .

WCF Microsoft is the integrator of distributed application development , It integrated. .Net All technologies related to distributed system under the platform , Such as Enterprise Sevices(COM+).Net Remoting、Web Service(ASMX)、WSE3.0 and MSMQ Message queue .

Communication (Communiation) Scope theory , It can cross process 、 Cross machine 、 Striding subnet 、 Enterprise network and even  Internet;

In terms of the host program , We can use ASP.NET,EXE,WPF,Windows Forms,NT Service,COM+ As a host (Host).

WCF The protocols that can be supported include TCP,HTTP, Cross process and customization , Safety mode includes SAML, Kerberos,X509, user / password , Various standards and modes such as customization . in other words , stay WCF Within the framework of , Based on Development SOA It's easy to build a distributed system , Microsoft includes all relevant technical elements , Mastered WCF, It's equivalent to mastering percussion SOA The key to the gate .

3.WCF Model :

WCF The architecture is as follows :

WCF The client and server models of are as follows :

4.WCF Basic concepts of :

(1) Address

WCF Every service has a unique address . The address includes service location and transport protocol ( Transmission style ). The service location includes the target machine name 、 Site 、 The Internet 、 port 、 Pipe or queue , And an optional specific path or URI.

The common format of address is :[ Base address ]/[ Optional URI], Such as “net.tcp://localhost:8081/MyService”.

The common format of base address is :[ Transfer protocol ]://[ Machine name or domain name ][: Optional port ], Such as “net.tcp://localhost:8081”.

WCF Support multiple transmission styles :

  • HTTP use http、https Protocol for transmission , Default port number 80.
  • TCP use net.tcp Protocol for transmission , The default address is 808.
  • Peer network( Peer to peer networks ) use net.p2p transmitted , use Windows Peer to peer transmission mechanism .
  • IPC( Internal process communication ) use net.pipe transmitted , Use Windows The named pipeline mechanism of , Can only receive calls from the same machine , And each machine can only open one named pipe .
  • MSMQ use net.msmq transmitted , Use Windows Of MSMQ Mechanism , The queue name must be specified , If it's dealing with private queues , You must specify the queue type .

(2) binding

Binding normalizes the direct combination of communication mode and interaction mode , Combine these communication features reasonably . A binding encapsulates things like transport protocols 、 Message encoding 、 reliability 、 Security 、 A combination of transaction propagation and interoperability options , Make them consistent .

WCF Defines six common bindings :

  • Basic binding from BasicHttpBinding Class provides , take WCF Service disclosure is Web service .
  • TCP binding from NetTcpBinding Class provides , Use TCP Protocol communication , Support multiple features , Including reliability 、 transactional 、 Safety and WCF Optimization of communication between , The disadvantage is that the client has to use WCF.
  • IPC binding from NetNamedPipeBinding Class provides , Using named pipes to transmit communication for the same machine , Supported features and TCP Binding is similar to , Is the best binding for performance and security .
  • Web Service binding from WSHttpBinding Class provides ,WS Binding uses HTTP or HTTPS transmitted , It provides such things as reliability 、 A variety of features, including transactional and security , These characteristics follow WS-* standard , The binding is designed to support WS-* Standard systems interoperate .
  • WS Two way binding from WSDualHttpBinding Class provides , Support two-way communication .
  • MSMQ binding from NetMsmqBinding Class provides , Use MSMQ transmitted .

Common binding transport protocols and coding formats are as follows :

Be careful :TCP、IPC and MSMQ The binary encoder used for binding is WCF Proprietary , Don't try to write custom parsers for it for other platforms .

(3) contract

WCF All of our services are exposed as contracts , Contracts have nothing to do with platforms , It's a standard way to describe service functions .WCF contain 4 Quasi contract :

  • Service contract Describes the service operations that the client can perform .
  • Data contract Defines the data types that interact with the service .
  • Wrong contract Defines the error thrown by the service , And how the service handles and delivers errors to the client .
  • Message contract   Message contracts allow services to interact directly with messages , For customizing proprietary message formats , It also means having your own application context , Because it increases the complexity of the code , So it's not a common usage .

(4) endpoints

The end point is WCF The only way to communicate ,ChannelFactory<T> Essentially, it's creating a service proxy for service invocation through a specified endpoint .

The end point is WCF In the system through System.ServiceModel.Description.ServiceEndpoint Type said , It contains three core attributes —— Address 、 binding 、 contract .

An endpoint is a construct for sending and receiving messages , Endpoints are really interfaces , It contains all the information needed for an object interface .

Each service must expose at least one business endpoint , Each endpoint has and can only have one contract .

All endpoints on the service contain unique addresses , A single service can expose multiple endpoints . These nodes can use the same or different binding , Make public the same or different contracts .

(5) Metadata

The metadata of a service describes the characteristics of a service , External entities need to understand these features in order to communicate with the service .

The metadata of the service includes XML、 Schema document ( Data contracts used to define Services ) and WSDL file ( Methods used to describe services ).

With metadata enabled ,WCF Automatically generate metadata for services by examining services and their endpoints .

(6) Context

WCF Context connects the service host to the public local CLR The type is a combination of the context of the service , Context is the core execution scope of a service instance , The context can be empty , That is, it does not contain any service instances .

(7) host

WCF Service class cannot exist out of thin air , Every WCF The service class must be hosted in a host process .

A single host process can host multiple services , The same service type can also be hosted in multiple host processes , If the service resides in the same process as the client , Is called in-process hosting . The common hosts are as follows :

  • Web Site
  • Windows Forms application
  • Windows service
  • Windows Activate service (WAS)

WCF The host architecture is as follows :

Every .NET Host processes contain multiple application domains , Each application domain contains zero to multiple host instances , Each service host instance is dedicated to a particular service type .

therefore , Create a host instance , In fact, it is to register a service host instance containing all endpoints for the type of host machine corresponding to the base address . Each service host instance has zero or more contexts . A context can be associated with zero or one service instance .

(8) agent

WCF Clients are not allowed to interact directly with services , The client uses a proxy to forward the call to the service . Even if the object is local ,WCF Still using the instantiation of the remote programming model , And use the proxy .

5.WCF Fast creation of :

First step : adopt VS Create a WCF Service application : Solution - name - Location customization

The second step : Click ok , Three files are generated automatically : Service contract interface , Service interface implementation class , The configuration file

The third step : Boarding Services , Click on Service1.svc View it in a browser , You can board the service

Step four : After boarding , We can view the metadata information and call the service to generate the client proxy class

Click the link to see the metadata information of the service as follows :

Step five : We go through svcutil.exe The tool generates client proxy classes and client configuration files

svcutil.exe Is a command line tool , In the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin Next , We can run the tool from the command line to generate the client proxy class

1. Input at run cmd Open the command line , Input cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin

2. Input svcutil.exe /out:f:\TestProxy.cs /config:f:\App.config http://localhost:10998/Service1.svc?wsdl( Be careful : The port number is changed to the port number of the host computer service )

At this point, you will see an error in the client proxy class , The reason is that we don't refer to the assembly that the service requires . We quote System.Runtime.Serialization and System.ServiceModel

Step seven : stay Main() Method of the service :

Step eight : Set up the client (Client) For startup

function , See the following effect :

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