thread Modules in python3 Change to _thread, All kinds of posts on the Internet say that novices are not recommended to use thread, You have to taste it or not .

 import _thread
def print_num():
for i in range(100):
print(i) _thread.start_new_thread(print_num,())

Guess what the run result is ?

Nothing happened ...... Because the main thread doesn't do anything and ends up . When the main thread exits, the child thread hangs before it can run ,

That is to say, the mainline will not wait for the child thread to finish executing before exiting .

Now the thread lock comes out .

_thread.allocate_lock() Generate a lock , Lock at the beginning of the thread function , Unlock at the end , The main line decides whether to exit by judging the state of the lock .

 import _thread
def print_num(lock): # Thread functions
for i in range(100):
lock.release() # Generate 5 The lock
locks = []
for i in range(5):
lock = _thread.allocate_lock()
# start-up 5 Threads , A lock for each
for i in range(len(locks)):
_thread.start_new_thread(print_num,(locks[i],)) # The main thread monitors the state of each lock separately , Knowing that all locks are not locked , sign out
for i in range(len(locks)):
while locks[i].locked():

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