\Delphi 6 Typical examples of database development \ Chart drawing

1、 Open a subform in the main form :ShowForm(Tfrm_Print);

procedure Tfrm_Main.ShowForm(AFormClass:TFormClass);
with AFormClass.Create(Self) do
ShowModal; // Blocking or modal windows , Only when you close the current window , To operate the father window .
end; // This example has an exception , Prompt unit chart The reference itself , Because the project is named program Chart; And the name of the control class used Tchart The conflict , Change the name of the project to program MyChart; Recompile, .

2、 Print pie charts ;

uses printers;
{$R *.dfm} procedure Tfrm_Print.btn_PrintClick(Sender: TObject);
var h,w:longint;
Screen.Cursor := crHourGlass;
w:=Printer.PageWidth; Chart1.PrintPartial( Rect( w div ,
h div ,
w - (w div ),
h - (h div ) )); Printer.EndDoc;
on Exception do

Print pie charts

other :

Chart1.CopyToClipboardMetafile(True);  // Copy to pasteboard

if SavePictureDialog1.Execute then
Chart1.SaveToMetafile(SavePictureDialog1.FileName); // preservation by .wmf file

 The first 1 Describes the Delphi Database development tools , Include BDE Administrator、SQL Explorer、SQL
Monitor and Database Desktop And other database tools . It also introduces SQL Language , Including universal SQL check
Inquiry statement 、 Update query statement 、 Connection between tables and data definition language , And it emphasizes how to use Delphi in
Use SQL Statement to create a query .
The first 2 Zhang first introduces Delphi Basic concept and standard process of document management / function , And provide a record file
Application example , Finally, a comprehensive application is provided Delphi File management function file management program example .
The first 3 Chapter passed “ Student roll management system ” The development of introduces how to use DAO Technology to design a database should
Use procedure .
The first 4 Describes the Delphi Supported by 4 There are two ways of data exchange , The clipboard 、 Dynamic data exchange (DDE)、 Yes
Like connecting and embedding (OLE), And dynamic link library (DLLs), And discussed how to use this 4 There are three ways to implement an application
Data exchange between orders .
The first 5 This chapter introduces reports and charts , from QReport Component begins with the concept of report 、 The main function of the implementation ,
And how to create a report , A specific example program is also given to illustrate how to use Delphi Processing charts in .
The first 6 An example of this chapter is a post mail processing system , This example can manage according to the information provided by the mail sender
Mail system .
The first 7 This chapter introduces the development process of bookstore leasing management system , Readers can learn how to save manpower as much as possible ,
Automatically complete the data update operation .
The first 8 This chapter introduces the design of alarm program based on database , This example is characterized by the background of the program interface and the program
All the sound files are stored in the database , It involves 3 There are two ways of database storage , Simple data storage ( Such as character
Strings and integers, etc )、 Image data storage and sound file storage .
appendix A It introduces SQL query language .
appendix B Lists Delphi Common components and their properties in 、 Methods and events .
appendix C What is not covered in the example is described in DAO technology .

D:\Delphi3 Folder \Delphi 6 Typical examples of database development \OLE Application development \OLEMDI.DPR

The clipboard and DDE yes Windows There are two methods of data exchange under the background ,Delphi In a simple and friendly way
Corresponding functions , It provides convenience for user programming . As a general rule , The clipboard is mostly used for static data transmission , and DDE
For dynamic data exchange 、 Control the operation of other programs, etc .
Delphi Support OLE technology , This chapter introduces OLE Application development technology . Another part of this chapter
One of the key points is DLL programming , In particular, the form reuse mechanism is Delphi Yes Windows Next DLLs A part of programming
A major improvement . Using dynamic link library , Users can build their own program module library step by step , Accumulate for future work
material .

Open the subform in the main form && Print pie charts 《Delphi 6 Typical examples of database development 》-- More related articles on chart drawing

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