Just learning the front end , Need a paging function without refresh , I found a good one , We have a lot to share , Write a part of your own code here , There are... At the front and back , Please refer to , The code is not complete .

Directly on pseudo code < Style code omission , part js Omit , Do not understand the configuration, please refer to the blog -》http://blog.csdn.net/starfd/article/details/25292019>

 <tc_extend name="Public:common"/>
<block name="title"><title>{$title}</title></block>
<block name="JS">
<block name="content">
<!-- banner -->
<div class="banner"></div><div class="shadow"></div>
<div id="content_2">
<div class="side">
<h3> Notice </h3>
<ul class="aside-list" id="oncl">
<li class="cur"> Notice </li>
<li> Industry news </li>
<div id="cut">
<div class="list-con" style="display:block ">
<ul class="new_list" id='page'>
<volist name="newslist" id ="news">
<!-- Journalism -->
<a href="{:U('Index/newsList',array('id'=>$news['id']))}" class="news">
<if condition="empty($news['smeta'] eq false)">
<img src="__UPLOAD__{$news['smeta']}">
<div class="clear"></div>
<div class="pagging">
<div class="tcdPageCode"></div>
</div> <div class="clear"></div> </block>
<block name="FJS"> <script src="http://www.lanrenzhijia.com/ajaxjs/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://www.lanrenzhijia.com/ajaxjs/jquery.page.js"></script>
$("#page").html(data.info); // It's stitched in the background here html Content
</script> <script>
$("#oncl li").click(function(){
$("#oncl li").eq($(this).index()).addClass("cur").siblings().removeClass('cur');

===================== I'm the divider =============================

Backstage stitching html< What is used here is thinkcmf frame , Partial code omission >

public function getPage() {
$listRows = 4;
$count = 0;
$currentpage = empty($_POST['p'])? 1:$_POST['p'];
$goods_data = $this->_getNewList($listRows, $currentpage,$count);
$html = "";
foreach ($goods_data as $v) {
$html .=" <li><a href='";
$param = array('id'=>$v['id']);
$html .= "{:U('Index/newsList',{$param})}";
$html .= "class='news'>";
$html .= "<img src='__UPLOAD__{$v['smeta']}'>";
$html .= "<h4>{$v['post_title']}</h4>";
$html .= "<p>{$v['post_excerpt']}</p>";
$html .= "<span>{$v['post_modified']}</span>";
$html .="</a></li>";
} $data = array('info'=>$html);

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