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Life journey 2021-06-04 10:49:45

Today, WeChat official account , I got an interesting article .

There are a few words in it , I am very fond of .

It's not shameful to be rich . Willing to be poor , Even proud of , It's really shameful .

Turn yourself into a rich man , It's your life to yourself , The greatest contribution to the family , And the greatest patriotism . Shouting slogans is not .

That's right , More slogans than action . To be rich , You have to create and contribute , It's not just about affirming yourself , It's also home , Love for the country .

If you lock your target rate of return for one year at 9—10 A little bit , And then spend a whole year just working on that goal , When it's time to sell , It's time to wait , you 99% Can achieve goals year after year —— The charm of China's stock market lies in , There's a lot of greed 、 I don't know the so-called fool , Even in a bear market , Their poverty and hardship , Will provide you with enough opportunities to complete the yield you need .

The reason why we lose money , One is greed , If it goes up, I still want to go up a little bit . Second, the heart is not firm enough , A fall on the panic, want to sell .

Set a goal in the future , Stop when you get there , If you lose money, just wait .

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