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Open a window , I just sat there .

What's in there? ? Maybe there was nothing , Except for my thoughts .

I don't know when to start , I like the window . Rectangular , Square , Round , Elliptical . Carved wooden windows , Aluminum alloy , Plastic steel windows , Even if it's a cave 、 It's made of Vitex 、 Small windows covered with paper .

but , All kinds of windows , I am very fond of .

The window on the street , Better . Heavy traffic on the street , Like viewing , Look at me . The window by the river , Good , Inside the window are people who sit still , Outside the window are the changing seasons . The window near the mountain , It's broad , There's toughness , There is the seriousness of winter , Spring is ignorant . The window to the field , It's like four seasons on earth , Spring planting and autumn harvest , It's warm in summer , Have it all. , But not yet . because , What is indispensable is the person behind the window , Eyes and hearts behind the window .

What is a window ? Never thought of .

I think the smoke is gone , Geese travel thousands of miles . Or jasper from a small family , Yes, Jinghua yellow . There is everything , Nothing .

Lonely night , I went to the old city with a friend . Outside the window is the night rain , It's also a lonely lantern . Inside the window , It's loose wine , I bought the sauce beef by the way , Talking and talking , Listen to the rain . For how long ? No consideration . How much did you drink ? Don't care .

When it's three strokes in the sun , I wake up two , Restaurants in the old city , On the earthen Kang , In a drunken place , In the good time that we can never go back .

What is a window ? It's love , It's missing . What is a window ? It's the light , It's warmth .

I'm at dusk , Sitting in the cold of the window . By the river , The boat , It's the chilly warmth , It's lonely addiction again . There's a number , After listening for a few days , I can't go , I often listen to . Never forget , Mother river like yellow mud soup , Very lonely boat , The sails are not poetic , The evening is more desolate .

On the river to eat a large bowl of Lamb Soup Noodles , Thinking about the scattered wooden frame near the river , Bleating Tan sheep , Innocent and waiting to be killed , Don't understand, , It doesn't hurt , But also sad .

I see , The pain , But I'm looking forward to it .

What is a window ? It's the world , It's human relations , It's a never give up emotion .

I've seen a window full of fireworks , The window of elegant spring , Indifferent years hard to do window , Black windows , Windows of life , also , The inexplicable window . To make a long story short , A collection of decades of experience , On the spur of the moment , It's up to me , There is always hope .

One side , I look forward to the world outside the window , On the other side , I know the people and things in the window .

Burning a wisp of fragrance , Holding a cup of tea , Just look out the window . The buds are sprouting , The flowers are in bloom , People are gone , It's raining , It's all natural . Listen to the spring rain outside the window , The world is prosperous , It's also the effect of windows .

I want to design all kinds of windows , Then I couldn't help laughing . There is already , Why worry about . I like all kinds of windows , I really like the frame behind the window , Look at all kinds of things .

What's behind the window ? voice , Images , video , Gustatory sense . What's behind the window , Another world with a myriad of forms , The clouds gather and disperse . When the elegant little song climbs on the windowsill , The first bud comes from the flowerpot in front of the window , The brown spider laid Beige eggs , The withered grass is not strong yet , There has been a crack in the ice in the green , Good , My window , I can even move , Love my eyes , Thanks for my little window .

window , It's not enough to see the scenery , It's hard to remember .

By ashang Qingzi

The pictures are from self portraits

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