How to cut the unwanted part of the video
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:46:23

I don't know how to get rid of the unwanted parts in the video ? Music is longer than video. I don't know how to cut the extra music ? What if the second half of the video goes black ? Actually , The above problems all involve a basic editing operation , It's how to cut the material ?

Let's use the simplest video case , One minute teaches you , Let you master the most basic editing operation . Use “ Cutting while watching ” function , Import the materials provided by the course to learn .

Let's add a piece of music first , Click below “ Audio ”, Click again “ music ”, Search for “ I really want to be with you ”, Take this one 47 Seconds of music , We think the last few seconds of the video are just the same , I want to get rid of it , This operation : First slide right to the end of the video , Click to select the video , When the video has a white border , Indicates that it has been selected , Long press the small square on the right side of the video to move to the left , Ten seconds left , In this way, the unwanted part at the end of the video will be deleted .

Let's look at another way of cutting , Music is longer than video , The second half of the screen goes black , Let's delete the extra music , Align the white pointer to the end of the video , Click Select “ music ”, Click below “ Division ”, Click to select the part that is split in the second half , Click below ” Delete ”, You can also delete the parts you don't want .

If you want to restore the deleted part , Click again to select “ music ”, Long press the small square on the right to move to the right , You can restore music that has just been deleted , You can also click restore here to undo , Resume the previous operation , Same thing , video 、 music 、 written words 、 stickers 、 Special effects and other materials , Can be cut in the same way , So much for this issue .

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