Never look back
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writing / Chen Mu

today , Received an invitation , Signed a permanent contract for more than a dozen articles , And no longer have the right to modify . therefore , I went to read the previous text , I can't stop crying . Just suddenly felt , original , I had a bad time before ……

Life suffers from impermanence , Life is stuck as usual . Mother in sickness , Thinking of children is innocent , Yin pan is pure , Afraid of nagging , No matter what happened . Love is young , Tired of seeing , Look at each other , I'm disappointed . Only wish : The mother is healthy , Children are healthy , Life is as clean as ever .”

I was thinking , What kind of mood at that time wrote down this paragraph ? When I write this passage , I broke all my freedom 、 Gave up a job that I put a lot of effort and effort into , I stayed at home for a year , This year , I didn't read 、 Didn't take the exam , Every day except sleeping 、 Play the game 、 I've also been drinking to infusion . Think of it again , The sadness in my heart at that time , Not at all .

They all say that time is speechless , But it explains everything , It seems to be true , The days that you thought you couldn't get through came through , Things you think you won't compromise , Because of that, for that reason , Also made a certain degree of compromise . Maybe , You hate this life , I hate myself like this , But , It's because of this disgust , To make you realize that : this , It's the real life .

There's no smooth sailing , There's no marisu story , Life always comes to slap you in the face , You can take it , This is the test , You can't stand it , This is decadence . One thousand thousand , Everyone has his own way of life , But when that slap comes down , Will you stand up and give a backhand slap, or will you stubbornly and stiffly accept the slap , I can't do anything but blow my beard and stare at life ?

Everyone has moments of confusion , When everyone has a chicken feather , We envy others , Little imagine , We also have things that others admire . Life can save , People who are willing to heal , You don't want to , No one can save you .

I don't know how I got out of this , It could be that the cells of the body are dying every day 、 It's updated every day , therefore , The pain is less obvious day by day , Maybe , It's daily sleep 、 game 、 Alcohol paralyzed the dull nerve , I can't feel the pain . But anyway , Always coming out . I like 《 To know whether , To know whether 》 Liming Lan said that :“ Never look back .” Is ah , Just keep looking forward , To see hope .

Maybe you will refute me : Have you forgotten the pain ? You can choose to forget , You can choose not to forget , What does it matter ? Just decide for yourself , After all, no one can forgive someone instead of you , It's your own business not to forgive , I don't have much to do with other people . Just rely on your own inner thoughts , After all , People should help themselves .

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