520, love yourself! Buy yourself a bunch of carnations in advance~
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Tomorrow is 520 了 , Although I don't spend much time on holidays , But there must be a sense of ritual in life .

Just a few days ago, flowers were cheap on the Internet , It took 10 Yuan , bought 2 beam 20 A pink carnation for myself .

The goal is to tell yourself :“ Whenever , Love yourself well , Women who love themselves are the most beautiful !”

I just brought it back to wake up in the flower

Wake up : Find a deep bucket , Cut the flower branches obliquely , Put it in a bucket to wake up the flowers 4-6 Hours .

Artificial flowering : Baidu on the Internet found out how to maintain carnations , Because the flower bud is relatively fresh , So it needs to be done manually “ Bloom ”~ Gently rub the bud , Break the bracts .

Take care of the flowers : Remove the extra leaves , Just leave the top one or two , According to the height of the vase , Cut the branches obliquely to the right length .

Flower arrangement : Find a beautiful vase , loading 1/3 The water level , Arrange flowers according to the way you like .

It still feels a little ugly

The first flower arrangement didn't look good , The main reason is that it costs too little .

therefore , I started to rearrange it again .

Isn't it much better

Another three were put in a small ceramic vase , I like this vase very much , It's just a little smaller .

It's a little bit artistic

Tiktok yesterday , See people say add a few drops of 84 disinfectant , Flowers grow better , So I added a little .

Take a look today , Sure enough, I am much more energetic than yesterday , The flower bud is bigger too .

in addition , Carnations need to change water and prune every day , It will grow better .

From buying flowers to now , I'm happy almost every day , I get up early every morning to see it .

Sure enough ~ Beautiful things are pleasing to the eye .

see , After finishing today , I think it's more beautiful !

It's really beautiful

“ If you are in full bloom , Butterflies come ”

Women are just like flowers , Need to take care of from time to time , To be beautiful .

“ A woman's face is that which pleases her ”

I love flowers , Love yourself more .

Please yourself , With a bunch of flowers , Make your life full of love and hope , Happy , Always young !

520, I love you !

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