Rice flower
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The clouds meander , Cut through the blue sky

To look into its eyes

Plant a magic symbol

All the magic words that can unlock it

All be A wooden fish

Engulf in A bottomless valley

Drink too much and clear your tears , For this reason, I am very sad

The breeze of summer , Maybe unintentionally

Here comes the cicada , Seeing off cicadas

Lucky to have a frog , Also know how to sing

Sweet afternoon

If anyone wants to

Invade the body of a record

The music of awakening It will stir up A thousand waves Protest to the end

A river , An acre of land , A rootless time

When the soil starts to ache

To the arms of the moon

How many petals Thinking about my breath For them

Jewelry with rice flowers

Vulgar old farmer , Reap all the beauty of the reed

label How many coins can I change ?

In the eyes of the deep stream

Naked in the sun

On the back of the carp Down the river Back up

Last Like all the endings No ending

2011 year 9 month 19 In Nanchang on the morning of July

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