My youth: the watermelon that summer was very sweet
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1999 I was a teenager in 1985 , Just graduated from junior high school , That summer vacation, I decided to go back to my hometown of Tanghe in Nanyang , And prepare to go to a vocational high school in the town after the summer vacation .

It was my first time back home as an adult , By coach , It's about two hours' drive , It's not far , But for me who didn't go far at that time , It's the farthest I've ever traveled ……

I went back to my hometown once when I was a child , There are three Bai Bo and an aunt in my hometown , And a couple of brothers and sisters , So when I get back, I'm very popular .

Usually I live in my uncle's house , Uncle is over sixty years old , When I was young, it seemed that I had been married and I didn't know why I was single . He has an adopted daughter who is three years younger than me and is in grade one , That daughter is my aunt's youngest daughter , They look like me .

Uncle planted a lot of land , In the summer, all of his income is mainly growing watermelon . So looking at the field in the watermelon field , It's my sister and I every day “ Mission ”.

There are a lot of watermelons in the watermelon field , One by one in camouflage , Round , Some are like big balloons , Some are like little balls , They're lying there naughtily , Waiting for us to pick .

We eat watermelon when we are thirsty , I eat watermelon when I'm hungry . The way we eat watermelon is also barbaric , Pick one and take it off , Drop it on the ground and split it in half , If the watermelon is not too big , Just start eating . If it's bigger, take a spoon and scoop it one by one ,“ slurp ”“ slurp ” Watermelon is rich in juice , Sweet and delicious , There will be a lot of watermelon juice after eating , Again “ Plump plump ” Drink it , And then I'm full , It's as like as two peas ……

The watermelon planted by uncle is very sweet , A lot of them are Sandy , Although I eat it every day , I'm not tired of it either .

Every once in a while , Uncle will call a car to sell melons , At that time, our sisters and uncle would pick melons together . Uncle is in charge of transportation , We are just pretending to be like uncle , Pat watermelon on the head , Listen to which one is familiar , And then with little hands “ Clicking ” Take it off . We'll help move the smaller watermelon to the car , The bigger watermelon uncle never let us move .

Watermelon was very cheap at that time , I remember it was five cents a kilo , Picking a car of watermelons doesn't cost much , Farmers are always the hardest people in the world !

Every day when the melon fields arrive , We are all hiding in a simple thatched house beside the field , There is a bed in it , There was no cell phone at that time , You can listen to the radio or read books in it , At lunch , Uncle will come to deliver food to us .

So a small radio accompanied me throughout the lonely summer vacation .

Although uncle is a man , But the heart is very thin , I can cook anything , He's always changing his way to make delicious food for us , And in the three uncles , Uncle loves me the most , He is not willing to eat rare fruit or meat , He's always the first to think about me and my sister .

Not only that , Uncle will also help us wash clothes , And responsible for buying all kinds of daily necessities for us , It's really “ Be both a father and a mother ”.

Uncle's house is very simple , There are only three rustic houses , My sister and I live in one room each , Uncle lives in a room , Under such simple conditions , I don't feel aggrieved at all , Because uncle has been protecting me with his deep and broad love .

At the age of , Uncle used the money to sell watermelon to pay tuition for my sister and me .

thereafter , After studying in my hometown for two years, I left the campus and went out to ramble , I called Uncle several times after that , I sent the money several times , Uncle always said :“ Come back and have a look , I haven't seen you for years .”

I always say :“ well , well , I'll go back sometime .”

My uncle died ten years ago , He's been in good health , It was a very sudden night . I didn't see uncle for the last time , It's a pity for me ……

I really didn't expect to leave the campus , It was the last time I saw my uncle !

Every summer , I would love to eat watermelon , And it's the kind you eat with a spoon , But I never ate watermelon as sweet as that year !

How many dreams , I'm in the car and on the way back home , But every time, no matter how you walk, you can't get there , There are many times that I wake up crying in my dream ……

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