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Sijing town is located in the northeast of Songjiang District of Shanghai , It's more than a thousand years old , go by the name of “ The roots of Shanghai ”, Known as the “ A century of Shanghai , Sijing for thousands of years ” The said . Villages were formed in the Northern Song Dynasty , It was first called Huibo village , In the Southern Song Dynasty, it was renamed Qijian village . In the middle of Yuan Dynasty , Because Wai Bo Jing 、 Tongbojing 、 Dongjing 、 Zhang Jing's four rivers converge here , So it was named “ Sijing ”.

In the ballad “ Three bows and one arrow ” It refers to the Wu'an bridge in the town 、 Fulian bridge 、 Pudu bridge and Anfang tower . But Wu'an bridge ” and “ Pudu bridge ” It's gone .

The ancient town of Sijing gave birth to the famous Yuan Dynasty historian Tao Zongyi 、 Fan Yunlin, a calligrapher and painter of Ming Dynasty , And Ma Xiangbo, the founder of Fudan University in modern times 、《 declare 》 Founder Shi Liangcai and a large number of historical and cultural celebrities .

Visit Sijing ancient town ** Three bows and one arrow, tower an Fang , Sishui Tongbo embroidery gallery . I have heard the rain for thousands of years , Jiufeng liecuihu returns .**

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