Firewood chopper
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Firewood boy

An old freight tricycle , Full of waste wood from the furniture factory , And some corner lumber . Cicadas in summer , In the hot sun , Lead to high song . The tricycle creaks , Driving hard on the mud road with seven twists and turns , When passing a tree shade by the road , The birds in the shade rush away , The tricycle didn't stop to rest , It's creaking away .

finally , The tricycle arrived at his destination . Yes, the driver is my father , Wearing a gray T-shirt , Wearing a sun hat . My father travels in the hot sun and rain all the year round , But just after 38 The age of the sun is black skin . My father is in the scrap business , My favorite thing is to recycle anything valuable that can be recycled . In my memory, my father once recycled a large truck of cement bags 、 A cart of old books and newspapers , Also recycled all kinds of shoes , Every time my father comes back with a full load , I can always find what I like from his collection . Sometimes it's an old pen, sometimes it's a half broken doll , Sometimes it could be a polished disc , Even once I found some comic books in my father's recycling . I still remember the name of the book , One is called snow in the fierce knife line , One is Shaolin Temple by fire , There is also a book called handsome boy . Little boy , No worries , Carefree and carefree . This passage in the book impressed me deeply , It was also in line with my youth's nature at that time .

Father collected a cart of old wooden boards , It's not for sale , It's for cooking at home . Watching my father pour a cart full of planks into his courtyard , It's a huge pile of planks , Almost twice as tall as I was then . I was thirteen or fourteen years old , It's time to have fun . Since there's been a lot of old wood in the yard , My life is different . They are used in cooking and making a fire at home , These boards are long and short , Also wide wide narrow narrow , But if you want to put them directly into the stove to make a fire, it's impossible . You have to split them wide into narrow ones before you start a fire , The long ones break into the short ones , Anyway, you have to make them the right size , In order to put it into the stove for combustion . Fortunately, my father pulled up the board , It's all wood , And the wood is softer , Just push a little bit , It can be easily broken or split . My father is out to earn a living during the day , I don't go home until night . My mother and I are the only ones left at home , I'm in charge of chopping firewood for cooking . At first, I would use a knife to split the board , I found out later that it was only by my own hands , It can also split the board .

ha-ha , Children who grew up watching martial arts TV series since childhood , There must be a martial arts dream in my heart . you 're right , I'm one of them . I always hope to be a great swordsman one day , Defeat all the bad guys , Save the world . So chopping firewood by hand has become a necessary lesson for me every day , It's like it's on TV , Practice hard day after day “ stunt ”. Even when I was chopping firewood, my hand hurt , But I'm still biting my teeth , I know I want to be a great Xia .

Kaka ……… After that, I split the fir board in two , I saw a look of admiration on my cousin's face , It refreshes me , It's like eating an old popsicle in summer . It's even harder to chop wood . I even started coaching my cousins , How to split a piece of wood . I'll take one end of the board 2/3 Put it on the slate 1/3 In the air , Then ha of a fierce with the palm belly split , The board broke in response to the sound . My cousin tried once, but the thread didn't move , On the contrary, his hands were crying with pain , In this way, he admired me more . I remember my father pulled the board and cooked for half a year at home , It's going to burn up . Half a year later , I thought I was a great master , I'm a great Xia , After all, everything can be split , Just want to find an evil force to die with . The mother looked at her silly son , I didn't say anything , As long as children don't hurt their bodies, that's OK , As for kids doing stupid things , That's just normal, OK ? No parents would blame him .

There are guests at home , Mother is busy in the kitchen . The guests were chatting with their mother in the kitchen , After practicing chopping firewood , I like to show off in front of friends and relatives . I like relatives coming home , So I can show them the unique skill of chopping firewood , I also like their admiration . My mother told me to make a fire , I took a board out of the woodpile , As usual, he cracked down with a thud . Tell the truth , At that time, I was ready to accept the admiration of my relatives and friends . But the slap came so fast , The board that my father pulled back has been burned , I have this board in my hand, but it's a hard cypress board . The result is predictable , The board was chopped down with all my strength , Leng is nothing . And I also sent out a pig killing scream after the fierce split . alas , Hasty , It seems that this skill has not been practiced .

After that day , I never split a board with my hands again . Because my hand is badly hurt and swollen , I'm almost catching up with piggy hoof . I also gave up my martial arts dream , I don't even want my relatives and friends to come to my home , Because I don't want to show them the unique skill of chopping firewood by hand any more . It's a pity , The young chopper left in such a hurry , Silence in my memory . If I had insisted on it at that time , Now what will happen ? It's about being a master , Or disabled .

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