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Life journey 2021-06-04 10:42:18

When I was a child watching TV, someone fainted , I think it's very interesting , I didn't expect that one day it would happen to my friends. How terrible it was ! I have a friend who told me what happened to her when she fainted .

She said that once she went to the park with her family , To a place with fitness equipment , She went to the kind of equipment on which she could stand and kick back and forth to play , Her children want to play when they see it , When she's ready to turn around and give her baby , At the moment of turning around, she didn't know what happened , By the time she knew it, she had fallen to the ground , The leg was also broken by kicking equipment and bleeding , Her family gathered around , There are other people around looking at her on the ground .

Friends say , The first reaction at that time was how to sit on the ground ? Why did the family look at her like that ? Her mother asked her very worried :“ Are you dizzy again ?” My friend said that I didn't feel anything ? Looking at the bleeding leg, I didn't feel any pain , She just sat there for a while , With the help of his family, he sat on the picnic mat .

My friend said that in retrospect, when I fell down unexpectedly , I didn't know what happened at that time ? Did you really faint ?

But later several times before fainting, my friend said that I would have a premonition , And tell the people around us , Said she was a little sick and might faint , But don't let us fight 120, Faint for a while ! And then she really passed out , I can't wake up , Wait for a 10 about , She woke up on her own , Do you think it's strange ?

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