We should respect ourselves when we are alive
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You can't be perfect 、 Or not so good , But we must respect ourselves ! People live for decades , Too little can be done , You have to give yourself an account , It's up to you to do it yourself , It turned out that someone else was going to comment on it !, I know that only when I do my best can I be steady .

When in a certain stage or role , You can't be in the sun or on the table , So even if you get more, it's not worth it , Because what you get and give is worthless . If you can't see the light, it means you have no status , A person has no status , Well, it won't be taken seriously in any situation , Does it make sense to play an indispensable role ?

A person because of opportunities , Maybe he's not rich , Wealth here refers to financial resources , But he can hold his head up wherever he goes , Everyone can look at each other with firm eyes , Such people live with faith , Most worthy of respect ! If a person has a big purse , But when you do things, you have to hide , His eyes flickered , This kind of people should pay attention to , Maybe I'll give you a stick sometime !

Who can live without ? Fault can destroy your glory , But as long as you're alive , You have to be brave about your mistakes , Not to escape , It's just a step away , If you do things right, you'll get credit , One wrong step is doomed to be a mistake , It's a long way to go in one's life. It's inevitable to take a few wrong steps , Can't you go on the right way if you go wrong ?

Truth is not something everyone can do , But it can be used by all as a belief to live , A benchmark , People live without a goal, it can be said that life has no meaning at all .

I will learn to forgive my mistakes , Those mistakes are unforgivable in my life , But I'm still alive , I'm going to live my life , I can accept that people look down on me , But I will definitely look up to myself , That's what I believe in living !

When complaining about being disrespected , In fact, first of all, I don't respect myself . Take every step to put your dignity first , Who can and who dares to look at you ?

We should respect ourselves when we live .

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