Control emotions
Photography 2021-06-04 10:41:18

I met a little thing today , Do things on time , Then the other party suddenly changed the time , So it didn't work out , But the other side is more emotional , Fortunately, in addition to being angry , It didn't matter .

Later, another friend said that he had a little dispute with the residents upstairs , About making noise .

then , Today I read another article about controlling emotions , Then I have to write something about emotions. Ha ha ~

The topic finally comes from life ~

I used to be a more emotional person , I may have read more books in recent years , I can face some problems more calmly .

Emotion management expert Ronald said : “ A storm of anger , The duration is often less than 12 second , It can destroy everything when it breaks out , After that, it was calm . If you control this 12 second , You can get rid of negative emotions .”

How many tragedies are there in real life 12 What happened in seconds ? Anger is the devil , Anger is also the devil , You don't control it , It will control you , Devour you .

I like that sentence very much : Really mature adults , I've given up my emotions .

I hope we can all control our emotions , Don't be a slave to emotions , A lot of things may not change , But we choose the attitude of life , Peace of mind is the most important thing !

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