The headline name is different from Jane's. is there any trouble?
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:41:06

It's used in simple books “ Attack text ” It's been more than two years , And I also used this name to do an essay solicitation . A few days ago, I felt that my name was too thin , There are only two words , So I changed the name on the headlines , Added the word Jun , I feel the three words stand firm .

I've reported another class in the headlines these days , I also want to improve my writing ability , Like many celebrities, they can write good essays , And make some money , It's better to make yourself a big shot .

So search the headlines for the teacher's name , To learn their articles , After searching their names , After reading some articles , I just want to search my former name , See what you can find .

Who knows? I don't know , A search startles , I just changed my name a few days ago , This name will be registered by others , And there are six fans .

I just feel whether this will affect my post ? After all, my Jane's name hasn't changed , If you move the article to the headlines , Will it have an impact on the publication of the article ?

Please let me know if you know , Then I'll change my original name again. Is there no chance ?

Please bring the original link to reprint ,thank
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