Half awake life
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:40:59

I have no reputation in my life ,

The heart is in it .

If it rains ,

There is no forgiveness in the world .

( Pingshui rhyme )

notes :

From birth to now , He's been through a lot , Including some good and some bad . Maybe others will have different opinions on him . He used to care about .

But now he comes back to think about it , Suddenly feel , Why don't he just treat those discredited comments as if they don't exist at all . Because these will make him full of infinite thinking .

All kinds of peripheral comments have an indescribable influence on him . And he can only wait for the rainy day in the sad situation , Let the rain wash away his troubles .

And that's when , He will suddenly feel that everything in the world can be forgiven . Because of the rain , He thought of compassion , Thinking of the open-minded universal love !


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