How to write quatrains in Jianshe
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Let's read a few poems first :

Homesick, spring breeze and spring rain all over the mountain city , Du Yu's voice was beautiful and his dream was startled . Try to ask Wanderers of the world , when But homesickness .( Ask a guest → When is it ) Chimonanthus praecox is still young , A few frosts on their own . Excuse me West Chamber red sleeve girl , Who Crazy again .( Ask the girl → Who's coming ) The clouds are floating to send the morning and dusk , Thousands of years into the soul of painting . I asked A rainy night in Wushan , Ever I love Wang Zun ?( Ask night → Have you ever been drunk ) Such as Du Mu in Tang Dynasty 《 On the way to Qiupu 》: Xiaoxiao mountain road is poor, autumn rain , The wind and rain of Xixi Riverside . To ask The new arrival of cold sand geese , I came to duling nothing .( Ask the goose → There is no time for ) Song sushi 《 And jingwenyun 》: Peony, pine and cypress were planted for a while , The spring breeze is in full swing . Try to ask Inscriptions on the wall , A few people Not to see flowers .( Ask a guest → A few people don't )

summary : It's not hard to find out , This method is similar to the ninth one , In the third sentence, use “ Excuse me ”、“ To ask ”、“ Try to ask ”、“ I asked ” And so on , And the fourth sentence answers . The difference is ,“ nothing ”、“ A few ”、“ What ”、“ who ”、“ Ever ” In the fourth sentence , Not in the third sentence . Writing tips : The first couplet is about scenery and events , Yiping , The focus is still on the second couplet . The subject of the question should be the subject , The answer should be reasonable and ingenious , Have feelings and intention .

Homework : Imitate this method to write a seven unique poems , The theme is self-determined . Works sent to the group .

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