Don't neglect a friend in need.
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:40:23

Everyone has a time of loss or frustration , When a friend is down , We should give help and support at this time , Let it get through life .

No matter how others look down upon our frustrated friends , Always have your own opinions , You can't always run after other people . We can't go down the well .

In a sense , Attitude towards the underdog , It's not just a test of a person's communication quality , And it's also a good quality for building good relationships . Nothing in , Complicated and changeable , Ups and downs . It's hard to predict .

Yesterday's dignitaries , It could be a civilian today . Beggars on the side of the road , Overnight, it's also possible to go straight ahead …… We should be ordinary and compassionate towards the people around us who need help .

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