Linjiangxian: a poor couple
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:40:15

Linjiang fairy . Poor couple are good at everything

I often remember the lotus root in those days , Thorns fall in love with tribulus . Half the weight is just right . I sing mountain and wild and , Wife singing and sweat depending on each other .

Bitter, hot, sour, sweet and salty , Husband and wife sharing joys and sorrows . I'll come here late to see you . Qingshan is not old in spring , Two birds live in a hut .

paraphrase : thorns , It generally refers to the thorny bush in the mountains .

《 Lao tze 》: “ Where the teacher is , How can thorns grow .”

han Ban Zhao 《 Eastern expedition fu 》: “ See Pucheng It's the ruins of the hills , Hazelnut with thorns .”

Jin Zhang Zai 《 Seven sorrows 》 The poem : “ Brambles grow in cages , It's a strange story .”

《 Wake up to the world ‧ Zhang Shuer outwitted Yang Sheng 》: “﹝ I ﹞ Out of the brambles , It's all splintered .”

Chen Qitong 《 the trials of a long journey 》 Act nine scene one : “ Pines and cypresses stand upright on the mountain , There are many thorns in the crevice , Wild chrysanthemums are in full bloom .”

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