We have to bear the hardships and walk the road by ourselves.
Photography 2021-06-04 10:38:42

No matter how cheerful people are

There are also a few unknown desolations

No matter how strong the heart is

There are also a few unspeakable wounds

A wound that can't shed tears

My heart hurts the most

Unspeakable pain

The hardest to carry


When people are vulnerable

I want to be comforted

When the heart is helpless

We all want to rely on

If someone can read sadness

Accompany and hesitation See through and be brave

Why do you have to be strong

Everyone yearns for

crying There is comfort

Tired Someone depends on

bitter Some people feel hurt

For a long time Some people miss

Far away Someone is worried about

But everyone knows

Days To live on your own

Tears Do it yourself

wind and rain You have to stop yourself

Taste Try it yourself

The way in the world

Sometimes Only one person can go

A wound in the heart

Sometimes Only one person can support

Just take it for granted

I'll be at ease

Just have a clear conscience

I feel at ease

People are in life

I can't help being too tired

Life depends on people

Let nature take its course and do your best

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