Written before the publication of the poetry collection "lost joys and sorrows"
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:38:31

Never thought about , I'll write my own book , And it's a collection of poems . But at this stage of life , Maybe a Book , It's the best way to explain yourself .

from 2018 year , Start learning modern poetry , It's only three years since jieji was published , But I did make a lot of preparations in the meantime , Or say , I've done a lot of life preparation . I always thought , No life , There's no poetry ; No life , There are no touching words .

Actually , From the University , I just like to write something , Like poetry 、 Prose and book reviews , But then , It's more about worrying about new words in Fu . At that time , I also met many students who like to write , I can feel our time , Everyone's love for words .

But I don't know when , I began to lose sleep , Start to be grumpy , Start hysteria , At first, everything around me doesn't fit in . I think that's personality , Until my ex girlfriend suspected that I had depression , At that time , It's not easy to hear the word , It's like a long time ago , Many people don't know what prostatitis is .

then , I started to think of myself as a problem person , I began to trace my past , I think of , It seems that when I was very young , Facing a big river will feel lonely , I feel sad .

At that time , I'm very lonely , silence , Don't talk to people . One summer , I was swimming in the river with my playmates , I saw with my own eyes that he never came out again , I can see , People in the village , To save him , Fall into the water one by one , One by one , When it comes up , Desperate to give him artificial respiration ……

later , In my dream , Even now , I can't forget that situation .

later , I was in junior high school , I always had a migraine at that time , It's always hard to fall asleep ; alone , There will be no reason for sadness . At that time , I seem to be very lonely by myself , Listen to the class quietly , After class, a person silently in a daze . When you go home , I'm always alone , Sometimes look at the clouds in the sky , Sometimes I look at the young wheat in the field , To turn yellow , Until the four difficult seasons .

At that time , I remember , There is a beautiful girl with me , There is a narrow wheat field between us , I'm on the left , She's on the right , There is a small road in the middle , We have a good understanding , Until the separation , Just look at each other .

This matter , Maybe it's a rare bright color when I was a teenager .

Poetry Anthology 《 Lost joys and sorrows 》, The purpose is to recall the joys and sorrows of the past , There are memories of youth 、 Thinking about love and missing hometown ; There is a sigh for the ideal 、 The pursuit of life and the question of the world . It should be said , These poems are not yet mature , Even a little childish , however , It really represents my thinking in this period of time , The collection is published , It's more about giving yourself an account of the past .

In this , I should thank Jianshu for this platform , I write poetry here , A lot of people have encouraged me . I am a very self abased person , Over the years , Delete and delete what you wrote , There is very little left .

In Jane's book , There's an event , It's more challenging , I'm usually lazy , The poems in the anthology , Many of them are completed because of the need of daily work . My poetry can be published quickly , It has a lot to do with the day of Jianshu . Of course , Jianshu official and Jianyou also gave me a lot of support , Let me gradually build up my confidence , And build your own personal brand .

In Jane's book , Originally, I wanted to write a novel , The title is also 《 Lost joys and sorrows 》, Later, he wrote tens of thousands of words , This is not going to go on , Just stop . But I still want to make a summary of my past life , So he began to write poetry , Write down the fragments of your past life one by one , It's like giving yourself an account of the past .

It should be said that this collection of poems , It cost me a lot of effort .

It should be said that this collection of poems , Basically represents my past .

It should be said that this collection of poems , It's also an account of the first half of my life .

It's not easy for this collection of poems to come into being and be published , ad locum , I would like to say thank you to the Jianshu official , Thank you for supporting me .

Please bring the original link to reprint ,thank
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