What is the future of SEO? How to make money quickly for beginners
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SEO What's the future of our country ? Novice how to quickly start to make money

SEO: For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Initials .

It's a search engine algorithm rule ( for example : Baidu 、 Google and others are search engines ), Improve the website in

Ranking on search engines is a skill .

Some of the vernacular is : When others in Baidu and other browsers search products and other keywords can see your website , To get customers , Improve brand exposure and product turnover .

For a company or enterprise , It's of great commercial value . Search engines have hundreds of millions of users , Can the website go through SEO Get exposure , It directly determines the occupancy of users on the Internet , Some of the rankings are ahead of Baidu 3 Name of the website , Can directly occupy the entire search user population 90%, This is the user's search habit , Can the most convenient to solve their own problems , Why do you have to finish looking in the back ?

And according to Baidu's push mechanism , Baidu will only put the user's favorite content on the home page , So this type of page can have a user experience , Often the turnover rate is very high

Today's Internet is an era of flow cash , Can have user traffic , There's no need to worry about having no money , So almost any way to make money can get in the way , Whether you are wechat business , Or entrepreneurs , Or Baoma wants to make money at home , Just have a computer .

SEO What's the future of our country ? Novice how to quickly start to make money

Here are some examples SEO How to make money :

SEO How to make money

SEO As a way to get customers for free , You don't have to spend any money in the optimization process ,( If there is no website 300 Yuan or so can have a site of their own , I don't know how to do it. You can send me a private message )

Since it's the technology of attracting customers , Then it can plug in where there are almost users on the Internet .

I'll introduce it by type :

The first is through SEO A part-time job

Since it's a part-time job, you can't be too tired , Can build a familiar industry website , No matter what type of site it is , adopt SEO Optimization can make money

1、 If it's a non-profit website , When passed SEO Do a good job in website ranking , Internet users , The general way is to add ads to the website , As for the price of advertising, it depends on the industry , There are hundreds and thousands of them , There's an ad in some industries , A month's price can be tens of thousands , A website can hang more than one advertisement

If it's brand advertising, it will be more expensive , The website can make a profit , Almost realize the income after sleep , I just need to look at it by chance , Can be sustained and stable operation

2、 For people who have their own resources , You can make good use of the resources around you , It's easy to be a profitable site

Like Taobao 、 Traffic docking 、 The sale of our own products , Or the knowledge and information on the Internet can be , The price depends on the development direction you choose , Generally speaking, one month 4、5k— There are tens of thousands of them , It's also easier

And the threshold is very low , You can learn to type well , Just be willing to do it , Even the little white people who don't understand the industry at all , It's easy to start with

The second direction is to move towards freelancing

Generally speaking, this kind of SEO People are proficient in this industry

It's a state of complete resignation, and it's an optimization for others at home , It is also the common order ,

Because some companies have decided to hire one SEO personnel , The price is too high , Instead of paying him every month 7、8k, It's better to teach the website to the people on the market SEO People to optimize , In contrast, a year only takes 2-4W, It also saves the company money

Website optimization at home SEO personnel , Generally, they are quite idle , After a website is optimized and ranked , I don't see management several times a month , So often one-time management of a few or even more than a dozen sites , This is also true. SEO Technology is an examination , If not free , How can you do freelancing ?

The third is to engage in this industry and become a career SEO Optimizer

about SEO For the practitioners of , Wages are more extreme

because SEO The threshold is very low , So the technology is very high , Poor people know to send articles every day , Basic operations such as sending out the chain , So the salary is quite different , See Drago net for details , A qualified SEO The wage level will be in 8k above , And according to the effect, there will be the best Commission , It's usually tens of thousands a month

Do a part-time job with yourself , Well done, hundreds of thousands a year , Millions of people really have , Everything has 28 The laws of , Learning technology well is the premise !

about SEO The development and future prospects of this industry

Directly above

SEO What's the future of our country ? Novice how to quickly start to make money

Baidu SEO Future development trend and value

For after SEO The development of , Customer acquisition will be more accurate , And for SEO The development of our technology is bound to AI close , The future is still very bright , The competition will be more intense .

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