A woman's soberness
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:34:33

A girl , A good girl , If you're too conscious , It's not easy to fall in love if you understand your feelings too well . In this relationship, she will calculate , Be rational , They tend to be women .

It's not cute in men's eyes , As a little bird rests upon a man -- a timid and lovable little woman , But as selfish and willful men want to escape the responsibility of strong maternal women , The result is to constantly take from you .

And a woman , It's good to be a man , It's about strategy , It needs to be pampered and willful .

The shrewdness of the little mind , Men know , But willing to jump into your pit , That's what women do , It's not enough to be sober .

After years of marriage , I gradually understand that women need sensibility , It can only be emotional , To conquer men , Let them love you for life .

So , A woman who can act like a coquette is a good one . This is a kind of soberness .

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