Management software + business strategy, teach you how to achieve the maximum value of the enterprise
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“ Auto service ” It's not just after-sales service , It is a complete process from the beginning of contacting customers to the end of customers' car service life . Is set Car beauty 、 Car maintenance 、 Auto parts business as a whole business . Service is a way for dealers to have “ water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust ” The terminal service work of . Consumer service is a kind of sensory enjoyment , Can stimulate the desire to buy , Automobile dealers should do a good job in marketing and management of automobile service industry , take send It's a brilliant stroke in automobile marketing .

Car maintenance service

Someone in the industry once said : Who can grasp the automobile maintenance caused by the automobile era 、 Maintenance opportunities , Who can dig the biggest gold mine in the automobile era first .“ The car is being maintained or not being repaired ” Our service and maintenance concept , Nurtured today's consumer market

Auto parts supply service

Parts supply plays a decisive role in the automotive service industry ,, Without a good supply of spare parts, it's not good after-sales service .

So how to repair the car 、 Car beauty 、 The auto parts business is managed together ?

—— Meiping automobile service industry management system

Why use Meiping automobile Service industry management system ?
1) Beautiful interface , Powerful , Easy to get started .
2) Computerized management , So that inventory is no longer a muddle .
3) Powerful report function , Let you know the business situation at any time .
4) Unique customer management , Employee management , Make your management easier .
5) Integrate BS Server side , You can query inventory remotely .
6) Original linked data model , Make all queries simple and convenient .

Why Meiping The auto service industry Management software ?
1) Experienced professional development team to serve you
The company now has developers 30 Many people , Henan Information Industry Department of the Ministry of information industry of the people's Republic of China
It is recognized as a high-tech software enterprise , Obtain software enterprise certification and software product certification .
2) Complete after-sales service system
3) programme 、 demand 、 Design 、 Development 、 Full service
4) A reasonable price system “ Value for money ”
5) The user-friendly interface allows your employees to start without training
6) With “ Always serve , Continuous improvement ” For the purpose of service

 Management software + Business strategy , Teach you how to achieve the maximum value of the enterprise

Meiping auto service industry management system is a professional car beauty 、 Car maintenance 、 Auto parts business as one of the management software , It includes a powerful purchasing, selling and inventory management system , Customer ( members ) management , Customer account management , Employee commission management system and other sub modules , It is a management software specially designed for the automobile service industry . Meiping automobile service industry management software has a simple and beautiful interface , The operation is intuitive and simple , Humanized design , No special training required , Close to the management workflow , So that the staff can quickly Of Master the operation process of the software , Greatly improve the quality and efficiency of management , It's the automotive aftermarket , Automobile service industry is a powerful tool for information management .

Product advantage :

1. Automobile purchase, sale and inventory management - Support front desk cashier , Member management , Purchase, sale and inventory function .
2. Support POS58 Small ticket printing , Stored value card 、 Discount card 、 Three times card in one .
3. Car service management - Membership card can use bar code card 、 Magnetic stripe card 、ID card 、IC card .
4. Auto parts shop cashier management - Support multiple checkout methods : cash 、 Stored value card 、 vouchers 、 The credit card .
5. Supports remote WEB Inquire about .
6. Support supplier account management .
7. Support customer account management .
8. Automotive industry management - Support staff management .
9. Auto parts business - Support financial management function .
10. Auto parts inventory management - Support inventory counting function .
11. Support event reminder function .
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