The latest official version of adobe audit V2021
Recharged 2021-06-04 10:33:54

Adobe Audition It's an audio production software , The software supports multi track audio processing , Users can create 、 Mix and design unique audio effects . Built in massive processing tools can change your recorded sound to the effect you want , After that, you can export the audio file . If your computer has a microphone , You can record your voice with one click , And play it 、 preview , You can adjust and select part of the recording . Users who need it may as well download it !

software function

1、 Automatic voice alignment :

Even if the original audio contains background noise , It can also be recorded in the studio ADR Replace Location dialog box , And perfectly aligned . It's easy to fix the mouth synchronization problem , Provide better production value faster .

2、 Real time clip stretch :

Real time Non-destructive stretch of clips . Preview changes and settings , And render for higher quality results . The new variable speed mode can adjust speed and pitch at the same time .

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