Practical Alipay / WeChat key: where did you spend your money?
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Every once in a while , I get questions from readers :

At the end of a month, I feel like I haven't done anything , The money is spent . It is no wonder that , Deposit money / The small goal of debt repayment , I can't finish it .

Actually , It's also easy to solve this problem , But start from the source .

This can't get around an important but humble way to manage money —— Bookkeeping 了 .

But it's also bookkeeping , Some people remember being smart and efficient , Some people insist on it for many years , But it doesn't really help finance .

therefore , Let 's share today , My accounting tools and methods .

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

Which is the best bookkeeping tool ?

If , To go back to my 「 History of bookkeeping 」, There are too many tools used .

From the most 「 Ancient early 」 My paper notes , Later, I was obsessed with Excel Make big data , Of course, I've tried some bookkeeping APP.

It's just , Note taking is a delicate way of keeping accounts , It's not really suitable for me , On the contrary, it doesn't last long .

But recently , My most common bookkeeping tool , Maybe it's WeChat and Alipay .

After all , Now the vast majority of daily consumption , I did it through both channels .

Especially when I found out , They all have now 「 The bill is exported with one click 」 After function , I never do it myself again .

The specific operation process is as follows ——


I - payment - wallet - bill - export

Wechat can be operated directly from the mobile phone , You can export at most 3 Months of data .

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

All exported are the details of payment and transfer through wechat , In and out . Very detailed and classified , Facilitate subsequent re offer .

This is an official sample file

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?


Computer landing Alipay web version - Reconciliation Center - Bill Download

Alipay is a bit more trouble. , If you need to export Excel bill , Need a computer to log on to the official website .

Exported content , There are both general ledger and details .

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

Of course , If you dislike Excel trouble , Inside Alipay 「 Bookkeeping book 」 Also useful , It's not just the details , It can also be displayed in categories .

There's even the highest consumption of the month Top5 Ranking List , Which expense is overspent , Be clear at a glance .

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

Of course , Bookkeeping alone can't solve your financial problems , The role of records , It's still in the second round .

How to do it specifically ?

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

Find out what's wrong with you 「 Latte factor 」

Generally speaking , When I get a detailed bill , I'll make a simple classification first .

According to : Daily expenses 、 Necessary cost and unnecessary cost ——

- Daily expenses : The necessary cost of three meals a day ;

- Necessary expenses : Except for three meals , The rent 、 traffic 、 The phone 、 Hydropower coal , This kind of monthly fixed expenses ;

- Unnecessary expenses : Expenses other than necessary living expenses , Like a weekend dinner 、 Snacks and so on .

After sorting , You can pay for your daily expenses , Know what you know , Next , It's looking for you in every category 「 Latte factor 」 La .

Since there are new friends who are not familiar with the word , Let me explain ——

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

With this basic concept , Just compare your consumption , See what you can save .

How do you do that ?

 practical | Alipay / Wechat one click search : Your money , Where did it all go ?

Financial improvement plan

Take a real case of a friend around me .

He used to be one, too 「 Moonlight clan 」, I don't know where my money goes , So follow the above steps , Sort out your bills .

In this way , He immediately found his own 「 Latte factor 」 Where is it , And break it down one by one .

1) Daily expenses

The office is in the center of Shanghai , Take out for three meals a day .

Breakfast average 10 A meal of yuan , The average meal for lunch and dinner is in 25~30 element , If you order a salad / Japanese materials , Probably to 40 Yuan of above .

In this way , The food cost of a working day in a month is at least 1300 element .

therefore , Friends start to think about cooking by themselves , The average cost of dinner is down to 15 element / Ton , A little saved several hundred yuan .

2) Necessary expenses

The change in this area is also relatively small , After all, it's just consumption , But my friend also did a little check .

For example, the telephone bill , He found that his monthly bill was close to zero 150 element , So I checked the function subscription record , Just found that before opened a continuous payment flow package .

And in fact , Package traffic , He has enough , So I decided to unsubscribe .

besides , He checked his cell phone again 「 The app store 」、 Alipay and WeChat , Automatic renewal of binding , Removed a lot of unused membership projects .

Every month ten to dozens of yuan , In the whole year, it also saves a lot of money .

3) Unnecessary expenses

This piece has more flexibility to reduce the flow .

Take a cup of coffee or milk tea after lunch every day , Average price 20 Yuan a cup of , If you save it , Just a stroke. “ Big money ”, It's a little bit longer, by the way, isn't it .

in addition , Friends also found that , The weekend dinner is also a disaster area for him to burn money .

Especially when summer comes , Make an appointment with friends every week for a beer crayfish or something , It's about one or two hundred per capita .

Reduce the frequency of the dinner party a little bit , The cost came down in a flash , At least a few hundred dollars can be saved .

this 3 Two categories: , Hundreds of provinces , Finally, save one 2000 element , Participate in the fund investment , Not a problem at all .

All right. , Today's 「 Bookkeeping and financial management tips 」 you get Did you? ? On financial management practice , What other questions do you have ? welcome 【 Leaving a message. 】 Ask me ~
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