Diary of Bai Zhou
Photography 2021-06-04 10:30:29

2021 year 05 month 19 Japan Who are you in the middle of the night , Who will be the story of your life , Or just a passer-by in the world , In fact, we are just nameless people in the world . This is us , No one knows about methy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1, ethy1 and ethy1 .

Clouds on the road

Sunset in the sky , It looks soft , No noise , I want to see the colors of the world , But I'm just a passer-by , I walked by the side of the road and no one asked me for porridge , No one knows why the world is worried . Don't want to miss life , But it can only make us unknown , Become a passer-by , After all .

The opposite wind

I have wine and stories , There are no listeners , In fact, our story , Who is willing to listen ? We like to hear other people's stories , Because we see our own shadow , We thought that was who we used to be , And then there was a lot of emotion , And then we found out , It's just that we are amorous .

The cloud in front of the teaching building

Life goes against the road and passers-by are in a hurry , And I'm just a mortal , No matter how many passers-by , I still can't remember the world , The world is floating and sinking , After all, it's impossible to keep passers-by , They have no home , There's no distance , It's just a tramp .

Downstairs, my God

The unknown , Even if no one knows , No one will remember , You don't have to be persistent , Because we are all the same , Since it's nameless , Why let oneself fall into persistence . Maybe one day you will give up your choice , Become a butcher , Become a passer-by , And it doesn't matter anymore .

I'm my armour , You are your B , She's her third , He's his Ding , We're just a, B, C, D ……

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