Compact, simple and easy to use audio recording software
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Piezo yes Mac OS X It's a small one on the platform , Simple and easy to use audio recording software , from Rogue Amoeba Companies to develop , A lot of people may be interested in another product of the company Audio Hijack Pro Familiar with . Compared with the latter ,Piezo It's the company from 0 A brand new product to start with , Not at all Audio Hijack Pro A condensed version of , A lot of this is to be able to get through Mac App Store Audit ( Most of the same type of applications can't pass Mac App Store Audit ).

Audio Hijack Pro as well as Ambrosia Software companies are launching Wiretap Studio similar ,Piezo You can also record audio signals directly from specific applications , For example, in the figure of this paper , I recorded the music played in Douban radio station (Safari Applications ), Of course, you can also record the audio signal from the computer microphone . The only thing you can control is : Audio source , The type of recording file saved , Where to save the recorded file and give the recorded file a name or an introduction . There is no discount in the quality of recording --AAC 256kbps stereo .

 small , Simple and easy to use audio recording software

Recording from apps and devices in Piezo Select an application or audio device from the , And then click Record Save audio ! Simple podcast recording from Skype And others VoIP Application's Piezo Easy to record . It can even save audio to different channels for easy editing .

stay macOS On , You can choose to use QuickTime Fast recording of audio content , But there are very few customization options available . So Xiaobian recommends Piezo This small but efficient recording tool , Audio content can be extracted from audio devices and specific applications . meanwhile , The application also supports different output file formats :M4A For personal use , If you plan to distribute recordings online , It supports MP3. Like friends can come to download and use !

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