Five solutions of Inspur cloud Island were selected into the first batch of resource pools of API store
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In the recent national industrial Internet platform enabling depth line ( ceremony to mark the first publication of a book · nanjing ) On , Industrial Internet platform API Store The first list of resource pools was released , Smart factory of electronic manufacturing industry in Inspur cloud island 、 Service oriented extension of machine tool industry 、 Smart mine 、 Smart agriculture industry 、 Equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, etc 5 Solutions , All selected .

 Wave cloud island 5 A solution was selected API Store The first resource pool

API Store It's a new platform service app store , Initiated and constructed by the industrial Internet industry alliance , The first group included 12 A key platform enterprise 59 A great solution . Hu Jianbo, chief engineer of China information and Communication Research Institute, said ,API Store To pass through API Interface , Implementing platform solutions 、 Model algorithm 、 Industry APP And other innovative resources , Promote the supply and demand docking and collaborative development of the platform .

Relying on Yunzhou industrial Internet platform , The tide focuses on equipment and machinery 、 chemical 、 Pharmacy 、 Electronics 、 food 、 Mining, etc 6 A key industry area , Provide full cloud 、 Intelligent transformation solution for manufacturing industry in the whole scene . The selected solutions , It involves manufacturing 、 Operation and management 、 Application scenarios such as operation and maintenance .

according to the understanding of ,API Store The overall construction of , It is divided into platform excellent solution integration 、 The platform is universal API Interface aggregation 、API There are three stages of ecological construction . next step ,API Store Will rely on proprietary domain name web page continued construction , Convergence platform capability , Empowering industry transformation .

future , Inspur cloud island will actively participate in , Push platform empowerment , Build a bridge between platform enterprises and manufacturing enterprises , High quality economic development helps .

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