"Pianduoduo" is online. Watching movies is free, but it's not easy to make money
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Pinduoduo is the representative of Pingou e-commerce , It can be called World War I fame . In recent days, , Tencent also launched a platform with a similar name “ Pianduoduo ”, The official profile says , This kind of App It's not only free to watch movies without advertising , And make money . In actual experience , The reporter found that APP The main content is films and TV plays , There are also variety shows , The picture is quite clear , But it's not easy to make money .

“ Pianduoduo ” go online , Watching movies is free , But it's not easy to make money

In terms of function , There's not much difference between blockbuster and mainstream video , You can choose clarity 、 Double play and selections and so on . Reporter experience found , This kind of App The content of film and television is based on 45 Minutes to 90 Minutes of long video ( Film and television drama ) Mainly , Including love life plays 、 Nostalgic costume plays 、 Country drama 、 Suspense drama and other categories , Supplemented by a small number of popular movies and variety shows, etc , Include 《 Princess huanzhu 》《 Rural love 》《 Kangxi Dynasty 》《 The romance of The Three Kingdoms 》 etc. , You can watch it for free . At present, it needs to be opened in Tencent video VIP To watch a lot of TV series , It's also free in Tudor , But this is APP The proportion of popular movies is very small .

Pianduoduo APP Only horizontal view is supported , Get into APP in the future , The page is not all kinds of recommendations and little posters , It's tiktok , Full screen video starts playing , Users can slide down to another new video . Its interface and operation function are very simple , Built in speed regulation 、 clarity 、 Select and skip the beginning and end of the function . In this paragraph APP Go to the theatre , No advertising , It is also true that you can get gold coins and reflect them by accumulating the viewing time . Tudor only supports horizontal screen playback , The upper right will display the number of gold coins obtained by accumulating the viewing time . Every hour you watch it, you get 3600 Gold coin , It can be exchanged for 0.2 element , The minimum withdrawal threshold is 0.3 element , The maximum number of gold coins per day is 3600 Gold coin , That is to say, you can earn 20 cents at most every day . By this conversion , If you want to make a lot of money from movies 100 element , It needs to be here APP Look up 500 An hour of video , It's about to finish 333 Ministry 90 Minute movie .

In terms of product experience , Pianduoduo can also be regarded as Tencent video speed version , The function is optimized and simplified , Some non rigid requirement modules are removed , Retain App Core functions , For example, the tiktok version. 、 Kwai speed , This kind of App There's another thing in common , Namely App There will be some activities to earn gold coins , Attract and retain users . therefore , Industry analysis , This kind of APP The play is similar to pinduoduo , The target is the sinking market . Taking advantage of the leisure time of users in the sinking Market , Make a small profit , Reap the user's usage time to get traffic , And other ways to play .

Check the inner eye APP Show ,4 month 22 Japan , Tencent applied for registration “ Pianduoduo ” trademark . at present , The trademark is still under application . In the display of Qimai data , The APP What's the latest release date of 5 month 8 Japan , The download volume in Huawei channel is about 5 ten thousand ,VIVO The channel is about 18 Ten thousand times ,VIVO The channel is about 9.5 Ten thousand times .

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