Accessing internal classes in other assemblies
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This article describes how to access... In other assemblies internal Class method
First, let's create a new solution , Two new class libraries are created at the same time FooALibray and FooALibray, as follows :

among FooA The class code is as follows :

 internal class FooA
public void Print()
Console.WriteLine($"I am {nameof(FooA)}");

And then we were in Program Class call FooA Of Print Method :

 static void Main(string[] args)
var fooA = new FooALibrary.FooA();// Report errors ,FooA inaccessible , Because it has a certain level of protection

So how can we access it internal Grade FooA Class? ?

InternalsVisibleToAttribute characteristic

First , We are in the project FooALibray newly added -> Assembly information file , So get an initial AssemblyInfo The class , Then we just need to add the following code :

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("InternalsVisibleToAttributeSample")]

that , If the previous code can be compiled normally, the output will be :

I am FooA

Expansion part

hypothesis FooBLibray Also visit FooA, Do you want to add another pair of FooBLibray What about assemblies ? The answer is No , You can also use the following :

take FooBLibray Change the assembly name to InternalsVisibleToAttributeSample

 public class FooB
public void PrintA()
new FooALibrary.FooA().Print();// Compile successfully

This black technology is what elder brother Lin told me , Hey ~~


We make good use of InternalsVisibleToAttribute Assembly visibility can be used. We need to write Demo Or unit tests should be referred to internal Don't pollute when you are in class ( Modified into public) You can access it , This feature is very useful in daily workflow

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