Reject "e-book imperialism"
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 Refuse “ E-book imperialism ”

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Until before we get married , Every winter and summer vacation, I still read a lot of literary works , Especially the summer rain 、 It's snowy in winter , Nothing , There's a lot of time to spend , So I have the mood of reading idle books . After marriage, there is no concept of winter and summer vacation , I don't read idle books when I'm idle , Just a few words and I'll get rid of it in one day . A side effect is ,kindle It's been years of dust .

Think carefully , In addition to looking at novels that don't have a paper version on hand ( Especially Jin Yong ) Outside ,Kindle It's almost useless . I used to take the subway kindle, Especially in winter , Just fit in the coat pocket , Very convenient . Ever since the subway had wifi The signal , Even the reading scene collapsed . If you have any electronic data that you need to search temporarily, you will certainly use it ipad, download 、 It's much more convenient to store and so on . And when you are serious, you will definitely choose paper books . All in all , I'm not going to buy another one right now kindle 了 .

There are a lot of people who support e-books , But many e-book supporters are not so much for e-books , It's more superstitious about technological progress . They believe that E-books Replace Paper books just as paper replaces bamboo slips , It's progress with all benefits but no harm . However, this view only shows the general praise of technological progress , So it's not worth refuting . Only in depth 、 Specific analysis of the e-book use experience , Only in this way can we compare and judge the advantages and disadvantages of e-books and paper books . that , What specific reasons can be used to prove the advantages of e-books over paper books ?

People who support e-books tend to think of e-books and paper books as information / The pure carrier of knowledge 、 Neutral tools , Think they treat everything equally . , in turn, , They think of e-books as information / Knowledge carrier , It has an incomparable advantage over paper books .

The first is to save space , A mobile hard disk the size of a palm can store as many books as a library . In the era of high housing prices , It has become a luxury to store books in a lot of space , The electronization of books obviously helps to solve the problem of space .

The second is weight reduction 、 Easy to carry and carry . On a business trip 、 When attending an academic conference , Carrying a few large paper books on your back is obviously not a small burden ;“ an immense number of books ” When you move, you will sweat a lot . Another advantage is that it's easy to spread . If you don't think about copyright , So the cost of getting e-books is much lower than that of paper books .

Last , Depending on the capabilities of mobile devices , You can also easily look up words when reading e-books 、 Related network information, etc .

by comparison , The advantage of paper books seems to be “ feel ”、“ The smell of books ” Wait for thin feelings , This seems to be the only thing to blame for e-books “ The age of electronic reproduction ” Compared with “ The age of mechanical reproduction ” The paper-based books are more thoroughly reproducible , So there is a lack of unique quality , Can't read 、 In the process of marking, e-books are gradually stained with their own flavor , It's hard to be emotional / The meeting point of memory .

The computer 、ipad The disadvantages of this are obvious : Eye injury . however Kindle It has been able to simulate the impression of paper books almost perfectly 、 Restore the visual experience of paper books . however , my kindle It's mostly novels and other mindless pastimes , Almost never put books that need to be read in depth 、 The paper .

E-books are not suitable for intensive reading . In depth reading professional 、 Theoretical books , We are used to writing while reading , And because of the attention to argumentation clues , From time to time, I will look up the related articles scattered in different chapters of the book . Although e-books have many advantages at the tool level , But writing 、 It's not as good as paper books . therefore , Paper books don't just have “ feel ”、“ The smell of books ” These are the icing on the cake , In a more simple tool level, it also has a unique advantage that cannot be replaced by e-books .

Besides , On the psychological level , Reading paper books and e-books also have different reactions .

First , It's easy to get impatient when reading e-books . Generally speaking , Deep reading is not a pleasant thing , And closer to “ labour ”, It's a compulsion to think . This kind of reading is not a passive 、 The process of absorbing information in a straight line , It's a two-way conversation with the work 、 To prove reliability over and over again “ Toil ” The process . The process is obviously more than just “ see ”,“ thinking ” And “ Write ” It's nothing like “ see ” Less . Only the reality of paper books 、 The sense of massiness can make people treat it so seriously , E-books are hard to make people calm down and read carefully , Often half of the book is not finished, I have no patience to read down one page . I don't know what strange physiological mechanism there is . Some netizens said ,“ E-books require readers to look at the screen for a long time , In particular, users with slight hyperopia will be easily tired and interrupted , So it's invisible ‘ Urge ’ Readers read fast .” Maybe . Maybe it's because e-books are so easy to get 、 It's so convenient to use , We can't always take things so seriously , Even subconsciously think that such an easy thing is worthy of light reading . All in all , Although there is no way to explain the underlying reasons , But as a summary of the phenomenon is not wrong : Reading e-books is more irritating , More difficult to calm down and ponder . therefore , It's just fun 、 The plot is strong , Books with low reading difficulty are suitable for e-books .

secondly , Reading paper books has better memory effect . Some people on the internet think that , That's why , Because “ A paper book is a real thing , It has its specific size 、 Color 、 Touch 、 weight 、 Phase , in other words , When you open a paper book , Your reading action has ‘ Context ’ Of …… And e-books look almost the same …… It's nothing ‘ Context ’.” I think this analysis is very convincing . Compared with the specific knowledge points out of context , Contextual events are obviously easier to remember . Specific knowledge points 、 The general position of this knowledge point in a specific book 、 The scene of reading …… These factors together make up a reading segment , Such a reading behavior is located in the specific reading context , All kinds of factors make up a whole picture connected with each other , So every factor in this picture is suggesting other factors . This means that there is more content in paper books “ Attachment point ”, That is, the interweaving point with other factors in the reading context . Readers can recall a certain factor in this reading context , Follow the thread in the context of reading 、 Twists and turns of connection , Gradually find a specific knowledge point . The shape of e-books is too homogeneous , Just see the content , I can't see the book itself . I usually find the source of a paragraph, and my first impression is the upper left corner of a page of a book .

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