I want to learn 3D modeling, used to build animation or game characters, with what software?
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I want to learn. 3D modeling , Used to build animation or game characters , With what software ?

Maya Software

Is the U.S. Autodesk The world's top 3D animation software produced by the company , The target is professional film and television advertisement , Character animation , Movie Stunts, etc .Maya Functional perfection , Flexible work , Easy to understand and practical , It's very efficient , It's very realistic , It's movie level high-end production software .

maya Making game models means :maya The game model maker is based on the original manuscript provided by the original painter , Make the environment in the game 、 mechanical 、 The props 、 figure 、 animal 、 Monsters and other models , It is divided into maya Game character model design and maya Game scene model design .

AutodeskMaya For a lot of animation and game companies , It's like Disney ,SquareEnix,NaughtyDog It's all in use , It's said that it's more Max,Maya It's all software .

 I want to learn. 3D modeling , Used to build animation or game characters , With what software ?


Zbrush The most outstanding feature is “ No limits ”( In fact, there are some , How high you can go depends on the configuration of your computer ) Sculpture of , Relativity traditional modeling software can give full play to the user's imagination and creativity , Just modeling Zbrush It's quite powerful , But because there is no animation or special effects related , therefore Zbrush Generally speaking, it depends on the high model of carving , And to go through a whole step , You still have to use something else 3D Software . A lot of new people who want to enter the game industry have made 1 It's a big mistake , It's just that zbrush But it won't be the whole process , If you want to engage in 3D Modeling is not desirable , Unless it's your sculpture that's really at the level of a great God , Then it's another matter .

It's a data carving and painting software , It has revolutionized the 3D industry with powerful functionality and direct workflow . In a simple interface ,ZBrush It provides the world's most advanced tools for contemporary data art masters . A functional combination developed in a practical way , While arousing the creativity of art masters ,ZBrush Produced 1 It's a user experience , It will feel very smooth in actual operation .ZBrush Being able to carve is as high as 10 A model of a billion polygons , So the limitation only depends on the artist's own imagination .

The first , For beginners , Which to choose 1 In fact, it doesn't matter much to learn from this modeling software . Software he just 1 It's just an auxiliary tool , The principle is basically the same , It's all done by point, line and surface .

Tools, it's just tools , about 1 For a 3D modeler , The most important thing is modeling ability . Here's the original 1 A character or 1 A scenario , If you have a good foundation , You can quickly analyze the structure of the object in this picture , And then it's more efficient , Good quality .

 I want to learn. 3D modeling , Used to build animation or game characters , With what software ?

So how to train this ability ? It's nothing more than the truth : Learn more , Ask more questions 、 See more 、 More practice . Be good 1 It's not easy to be a modeler , It takes a lot of effort to make some progress , Especially for people without foundation, it's really 1 It's a torment .

Learn more :

Learning is a good habit , Don't be lazy in such situations , Look up more materials and references . At this stage , Technology update iteration is very fast , If you don't keep learning , It will be eliminated by society in the end .

Ask more questions :

I don't need to explain this one , Ask others for advice if you don't understand , Don't be shy , Add more and cg Related communities , Get twice the result with twice the effort , Improve your ability in communication .

See more :

Go more cg Forum to see the work of experts , Take a look at how other people deal with the difficulties that you won't be able to , It's very helpful for beginners . As I often go to the website has :ArtStation( Need to climb over the wall )、GGAC The official website of the competition, etc .

More practice :

I want to copy more at the beginning , Learn how other people do when they create , But it's easy to say , A lot of people don't go on at all , There are also a lot of people who don't practice in the right direction . The 10000 hour law is absolutely feasible in this industry , Be sure to get rid of your comfort zone , Practice where you are not familiar with , That's the only way to improve .

I will be very anxious at the beginning of my study , Because it may take you a lot of time to solve a small problem , At this time, you need to show passion and perseverance to overcome this kind of anxiety of jumping out of the comfort zone .

The first 1 Look at the human body , You have to feel complicated , So many organizational structures , But you just need to think of the human body as a square first , And you start to feel easy , Just like when we draw a circle in art class , Not with a compass , But first draw a square , In the use of More broken wires cut into a circle , The original corners become smooth curves .

It's easy to understand this , But you still have to understand the structure , If you don't know whether a person's head is round or like an egg , How can you do it like that . Most human structures are supported by bones , So you have to know the bones and the bone dots that you can see in the human body .

Have a basic structure , You need to start to understand the relationships and changes between the parts , It's about understanding where the muscles are going , Because bones are just a shelf , Most of the changes that are really visible outside are determined by the muscles . So it's necessary to get to know the muscles .

Know the structure and the ups and downs , Let's talk about shape , Then you can try to model like any other simple model , After it's built, no matter what , Just like , And then you can refer to other people's wiring diagrams , Let's have a look at why people distribute like that to modify your unreasonable places .

In the end, it's giving materials , Then we can practice more according to the previous thought .

 I want to learn. 3D modeling , Used to build animation or game characters , With what software ?

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