Application of API between Henan ID card and region number
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Henan Province ID card area number 【41】
Henan province , abbreviation “ Yu ”, Provincial administrative regions of the people's Republic of China . Zhengzhou, the provincial capital , It's in the middle of China , Henan Province is bounded by north latitude 31°23’-36°22’, East longitude 110°21’-116°39’ Between , Anhui Province in the East 、 Shandong , North to Hebei 、 shanxi , Shaanxi in the West , It is adjacent to Hubei in the south , Total area 16.7 10000 square kilometers . Henan is known as “ The hinterland of Kyushu 、 Thoroughfare of ten provinces ” Known as the , It is an important comprehensive transportation hub and people logistics information flow center in China ., The terrain of Henan province looks north and south 、 From the east to the West , The terrain is high in the West and low in the East , From plains and basins 、 A mountain country 、 The hills 、 The water surface is made up of ; Across the sea and river 、 Yellow River 、 Huaihe River 、 The four major basins of the Yangtze River . Most of them are in warm temperate zones , The south is trans subtropical , It belongs to the continental monsoon climate of transition from north subtropical zone to warm temperate zone ; Henan is located at the junction of the coastal open areas and the central and western regions , It is the middle zone of China's economic development from east to west . Henan Province governs 17 A prefecture level ,1 Three provinces and counties directly under the central government ,20 County level cities ,82 counties ,54 Municipal districts .,2020 year , Henan Province has achieved GDP 54997.07 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 1.3%. among , Added value of primary industry 5353.74 One hundred million yuan , growth 2.2%; Added value of secondary industry 22875.33 One hundred million yuan , growth 0.7%; Added value of tertiary industry 26768.01 One hundred million yuan , growth 1.6%.[ Update time :2021-04-12 01:51]
Jiaozuo City (4108) Puyang City (4109) Luohe City (4111) Kaifeng City (4102) Hebi City (4106) Henan province (4118) Shangqiu City (4114) Nanyang city (4113) Anyang City (4105) Xinxiang area, Henan Province (4122) Xuchang District, Henan Province (4126) Administrative units directly under the central government of Henan Province (4190) Zhengzhou city (4101) Kaifeng, Henan Province (4124) Xinxiang City (4107) Luoyang City (4103) Xinyang City (4115) Sanmenxia City (4112) Shangqiu area, Henan Province (4123) Anyang area, Henan Province (4121) Luoyang, Henan Province (4125) Zhumadian City (4117) Zhoukou area, Henan Province (4127) Xuchang City (4110) Xinyang area, Henan Province (4130) Zhoukou City (4116) Nanyang area, Henan Province (4129) Zhumadian, Henan Province (4128) Pingdingshan City (4104) Henan province (4100) Henan province (4141)
Resident ID number in accordance with 《 Citizenship card number 》 Compilation of national standards .
ID number by 18 Digit composition :
1. The top 6 Bit is the code of administrative division ;
2. The first 7 Bitwise to 14 The digit is the date of birth code ;
3. The first 15 Bitwise to 17 Bit is sequence code ;
4. The first 18 Bit is check code .
The old resident ID number is 15 Digit number .2000 After year , original 7、8 Change the year number to its full name , And add the check code in the last bit . The ID number is not changed. , The police station will add the , When you need a new ID card, it is 18 The ID number is .

Click here Verify the authenticity of ID card

Interface profile : Enter a name 、 ID number , Check whether the two elements are consistent , Return to birthday at the same time 、 Gender 、 Native place and other information ;
Direct access to official authorities , Precise verification , No gender limit 、 No age limit , Not limited to nationalities , check 100% reliable ;
High accuracy - Zero cache real time query , Millisecond response , Accuracy rate 99.99%;
high stability - Multi channel automatic switching , Keep the business going ;
professional services -7*24 Hourly service , Respond quickly , For the user escort .

Support Batch verification function

API file :

A subinterface :
Verification of ID card

Address of the interface :

Returns the format : json,xml

Request mode : POST,GET

POST The request needs to be set Header head :Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8

Request description :
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Encryption order :
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Return parameter description : Insert picture description here
JSON Return to example :
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