Hunan area number and ID card query API interface
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Hunan area number and ID card inquiry -Api Interface

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Hunan Province ID card area number 【43】

Hunan province , abbreviation “ hunan ”, It is a provincial administrative region of the people's Republic of China , Changsha, the provincial capital , North latitude 24°38′~30°08′, East longitude 108°47′~114°15′ Between , Jiangxi Province in the East , Chongqing to the West 、 guizhou , It is adjacent to Guangdong in the south 、 guangxi , North to Hubei , Total area 21.18 10000 square kilometers ., Hunan is located in the transition zone from Yunnan Guizhou Plateau to Jiangnan hills and from Nanling Mountains to Jianghan Plain , The terrain is surrounded by mountains on three sides 、 The horseshoe shape of the North opening , From the plain 、 basin 、 The hills 、 A mountain country 、 Rivers and lakes make up , Across the Yangtze River 、 Two major water systems of the Pearl River , It has a subtropical monsoon climate ., By 2019 year 7 month , Hunan Province governs 14 A prefecture level administrative district , among 13 A prefecture level ,1 Autonomous states . share 36 Municipal districts 、18 County level cities 、61 counties 、7 Autonomous counties , total 122 A county-level division .403 A street 、1138 A town of 、309 A township 、83 A nationality town , total 1933 A township level division .,2019 At the end of the year, the permanent population of the whole province 6918.38 ten thousand people .2019 year , The GDP of Hunan Province 39752.12 One hundred million yuan .[ Update time :2021-04-01 22:25]

Changde, Hunan Province (4324) Xiangtan City (4303) Changde City (4307) Hengyang City (4304) Yueyang District, Hunan Province (4322) Chenzhou area, Hunan Province (4328) Changsha City (4301) Huaihua District, Hunan Province (4330) Loudi City (4313) Yueyang City (4306) Zhuzhou City (4302) Zhangjiajie City (4308) Chenzhou City (4310) Yiyang District, Hunan Province (4323) Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (4331) Loudi area, Hunan Province (4325) Huaihua City (4312) Yongzhou City (4311) Administrative units directly under the central government of Hunan Province (4390) Xiangtan area, Hunan Province (4321) Shaoyang City (4305) Shaoyang area, Hunan Province (4326) Lingling area of Hunan Province (4329) Yiyang City (4309) Hengyang area, Hunan Province (4327) Hunan province (4300)

Resident ID number in accordance with 《 Citizenship card number 》 Compilation of national standards .

ID number by 18 Digit composition :

1. The top 6 Bit is the code of administrative division ;

2. The first 7 Bitwise to 14 The digit is the date of birth code ;

3. The first 15 Bitwise to 17 Bit is sequence code ;

4. The first 18 Bit is check code .

The old resident ID number is 15 Digit number .2000 After year , original 7、8 Change the year number to its full name , And add the check code in the last bit . The ID number is not changed. , The police station will add the , When you need a new ID card, it is 18 The ID number is .

Click here Verify the authenticity of ID card

Interface profile : The ID number can be querying to the area. 、 Date of birth and sex .

A subinterface :

ID number verification

Address of the interface : https:// Log in and show /pyi/60/167( Support :http/https)

Returns the format : json,xml

Request mode : POST,GET

POST The request needs to be set Header head :Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8

Request description :
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Encryption order :
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Return parameter description :
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JSON Return to example :
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Server status code :
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