I'm so happy
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:22:24

author Kuang Xingzhe

I'm so happy ! Today, my mother and I went to a back garden of No.2 Middle School to pick and eat loquats .

There are six loquat trees there , One of them is the fruit of a loquat tree , It's a lot , But the fruit is a little small , It's a little sweet , There's not enough water .

There's another tree that's big and sweet , It's delicious , There is not much left to be picked . They all grow on top of trees , It looks sweet , I just can't pick it , I'm worried .

The other four trees are shorter , The fruit on it ripens slowly , But it's still big , It's just not as sweet as that tree .

All in all , The fruits of those two trees are ripe .

The loquat of the other four trees began to turn yellow , The fruit is sour , It's not sweet enough .

It's my second time in the back garden , I ran to the nearest loquat tree . The fruit of this fruit tree is bigger , But it's only a small part of maturity .

I picked seven or eight loquats , I wish I had six hands , Take more and put it in your hand .

At this time , Mom came up , Open the umbrella . Do you think , Pick a loquat , What are you doing with an umbrella ?

Actually , My mother and I have been thinking about it for a long time , Open the umbrella upside down , Think of it as a collector . As long as the loquat is picked from the tree , You can fall directly into the umbrella , You don't have to pick it up on the ground .

I see a higher part of the tree , Many mature loquats have been produced , I want to climb up .

But , The branches on the tree are too high , I can only catch the shortest one , I can't climb up at all . My mother and I had to stand under the tree , Stand on tiptoe and pick as much as you can 、 Mature loquat .

So it is better to , My mother and I probably picked more than two kilograms of loquat , We just sit down and eat .

The flaming sun in the sky shines overhead , Loquat tastes sour and sweet , It's delicious !

Don't go too far , Enjoy yourself , Eat happily , Do you think I can be unhappy ?

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