Summer is coming
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:22:12

Since the day of the halo , The temperature has obviously risen these days . I'm very tired because of it , Always sleepy , Every time I wake up , The neck is sweating for an instant , How are you .

That's true. , One is that menopause is prone to sweating , Second, the body is soft in spring .

meanwhile , I also feel , The warmth and coolness of spring has faded away , Is summer coming soon ? Check it out ,5 month 5 It is the beginning of summer .

In the four seasons , The last thing I like is summer —— Fear of sun exposure . Summer heat is the natural enemy of women , I'm scared to death .

As soon as you see the sun on your face , I'm just nervous , The skin on the face looks like it's burning to crack , Besides being afraid of tanning , I'm too sensitive to the sun .

Actually , I'm still looking forward to the summer .

Summer is coming , I can put on two fresh linen clothes and some beautiful dresses .

Come this summer , There's more fresh fruit , My son and I can go swimming in the community swimming pool !

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