Bees that don't sting
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:22:05

Today, when I turned on my tablet to watch TV , Suddenly be “ Hum. Hum ” I screamed with fright —— I've decided that a bee is going to stick to my hair .

Then the son said : “ Mom, don't move ! As long as you don't move , Bees won't sting you .”

I listen to my son very much , Sit still , But I'm scared ! Eyes turned to my son : “ Are you sure? ?”

“ I'm very sure , It's certain that . yesterday , There are two bees crawling on the back of my hand , Didn't you sting me ? I just didn't move .” The son said seriously .

yesterday , The son and a little girl each take a food bag to catch bees , I said, : “ This free little bee , Caught by you guys , Sure to die, sure to die . These little bees are not bothering you , There's no need to kill it ?”

The son hesitated a little , They let the bees go , And the little girl didn't seem to understand me , Still happy to catch the bees to play .

But then , I'm in a hurry to go home and cook , Just sighed and left .

Think of yesterday , I said to my son : “ Aren't you afraid ? What if it stings you ?”

When I said that , The bee that scares me has gone away .

“ What does that matter , It's just a sting !” I heard that , Just want to give him a thumbs up , Who knows, he went on to say : “ It stung me , If you don't believe me, shoot it !”

I was shocked , Seriously : “ Then you think wrong , It stung you , It's not far from death . Why? ? If it stings you , Mom can give you medicine !

however , If you really want to shoot it , It'll sting you before it dies , And then release the toxin ? A man lives in the world , It's better to be compassionate .”

Actually , I don't know if I have a point in saying that , But I believe : It's better to kill as little as possible .

My son when I pointed out his mistake , Let oneself remember :

people , Good is the foundation , We should know how to love and cherish their innocent lives .

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