The topic of early summer
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:21:54

The wind is clear , Birdsong , The sun is gentle and soft . I felt hot two days ago , Today is the beginning of summer , It's cool and comfortable .

Under the osmanthus tree , I hold a cell phone , In the group of girlfriends, the two talked and laughed .

We're talking about weight loss , Focus on sorting out and summarizing a series of bad habits of fattening : Don't want to move , Not enough sleep , You shouldn't always eat rice noodles in the morning , You shouldn't have barbecue at night .

In a word , hardcore , Don't mind your mouth , I can't get off my legs .

According to our size and facial fullness , I've worked out the best weight range for the three of us , And claimed : Not too thin , Not too fat .

As summer approaches , The two of them are united in their determination , For the dress that I've loved for a long time , You have to control your weight .

We don't lack the methods and experience to lose weight , With determination , It's not a problem to subtract seven or eight catties of fat in winter .

For health , For beauty , We have to manage our bodies , Try to be a self disciplined person 、 self-confidence 、 People who are passionate about life .

The sun is bright and soft , Warm and peaceful , It's quiet all around . Only a few birdsong came from far and near , Melodious and graceful 、 Clear and sweet .

The thick leaves of Osmanthus move with the wind , The sun shines through the branches and leaves , On the gray concrete floor , Falling a mottled floating light .

Seasons change , This is nature , It is also inevitable . here , I have a flood of thoughts , Warm heart , The wind in early summer is still soft .

If your life is warm and sweet 、 poetic charm , So you're very happy and satisfied .

If the perfect and beautiful Zen has gradually permeated your heart , Do you think the world is so clear and beautiful , It's amazing ?

Be grateful , Like this time is not old .

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