Today's Geng Wen ends in a hurry
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:21:44

April is the end of beauty , It's sunny in May . And this may for me , The combination of joy and sorrow 、 Be very upset .

My daughter is about to give birth , this “ The May Day ” Once the holiday is over , My son-in-law is not with her , My heart's in my heart —— Half of the night there are labor pains , Only granny long is by her side .

no way ! I have to be there as soon as I can with my daughter , When there's a situation , My daughter is not in a panic . such , The in laws don't have to worry too much , As soon as there's something wrong, I'll come and take her to the hospital .

Talk to your daughter every day , Pray for her every day , Ask her grandmother to keep her safe .

Speaking of blessing , I'd rather my mother bless my elder sister's operation first ! All right after the operation ! After all, there's plenty of preparation for having a baby right now , There's nothing to worry about .

It's three fifty this afternoon , Anxious, we received a unified reply from our second sister in the big family group : “ Elder sister Yu 11:10 Into the operating room . Just came out of the operating room , The operation went well . Now it's the right lower lung . The final result hasn't come out yet .”

Before operation , None of us talk in a group . During the operation , Only the second sister and the eldest sister's son-in-law are outside , We still don't talk .

You can imagine your mood .

We all know that elder sister's operation will be completed after about 3 p.m , Even if you're not at ease , It's just a private wechat second sister asking about the situation .

Big sister's daughter , My niece's immunity has declined due to various reasons , I had a cold and a high fever last night . Although the fever has subsided today , I still dare not go to the hospital to accompany my mother , Mainly for fear of infection !

Write here , Then my daughter sent a video , There are signs of labor ……

Today's Japanese text can only be written here .

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