Gengwen under sleepiness
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:21:35

Yesterday's Gengwen ended in a hurry , I stayed up all night . It's four sixteen in the morning , Go through a lot of hardships , My pink and white 、 When my cute little granddaughter appeared in front of me , The moment swept away my tiredness .

This little guy is red in the white , The plumpness of her skin is enough to prove that she is genuine .

That looks good , Slender eyeliner , Thick double eyelids 、 Her small chin reflects her charming , To be pitiful .

Just a little guy ,“ cause sb. to suffer badly ” I'm sorry, mom , Also busy with her grandparents and confused people do not feel safe grandmother .

While admiring her daughter as a mother, she just , While feeling : Today's world is changing so fast ! In terms of having children , Things that used to seem normal , Now I don't know how many programs have been added .

Not to mention that there are no less than 30 staff members from hospitalization to childbirth to taking care of mother and daughter , They're circling around mothers and babies , Very professional and meticulous .

It's just a bunch of things my daughter bought that I can't name , But you have to remember their performance 、 Use and usage of maternal and infant products , I didn't close my eyes all night. I'm looking forward to the admission of the center .

It's more than four o'clock in the afternoon , Finally, I'm looking forward to the staff of the confinement center , But I'm following the doctor's advice , After a serious massage for my daughter , Also have to fully cooperate with the actions of sister-in-law and lactation division .

Even with a hundred people looking after their daughter , I can't do without being a mother . Upgrade to grandma , Am I easy? ?

Halfway through , I can't open my eyes , I feel dizzy , I almost fell asleep several times . be it so , Good night, !

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