Life journey 2021-06-04 10:21:27

I came back from the hospital to my daughter's house , Already 22: 45. Today's day has not been written yet , At this time, I feel , It's better to do anything as soon as possible .

see , When I was with my daughter in the hospital in broad daylight , There are two time periods to write about the daily changes , I just don't want to write .

I thought I was so busy yesterday , So hard , Still no delay, more .

But at 8:30 this evening , The old classmates in law said they would come to the hospital to see the baby , We just wait ……

Although it's late , I didn't think about what to write , Just the scenes of the day in my mind ——

Think of the baby sleeping sweetly 、 Crying with hunger and struggling with breast milk .

Think of the new mother's daughter lying for two days to get up and activities caused by postural hypotension , It's causing a serious lack of blood supply to the brain , So sweating, almost fainting .

That makes my heart ache —— I wish I was the one who suffered .

I think of my daughter trying to get her baby to suck colostrum , Strong cooperation with sister-in-law to learn how to feed seriously —— Being a mother , It's just different , Much more than we knew at that time .

A hundred tastes of life , knowledge has no limit , There are too many firsts in life , There's too much to learn .

This is the time , My mother in law asked us to discuss the baby's name in a small group .

She got such guidance from the famous master : The master gave six different words to the middle and the back of the name , Let's match these words freely , Match your ideal name and send it to the group for discussion .

Coincidentally , My second sister and I have the same name .

Which name will be chosen in the end ? I also have to go to our group to participate in discussions .

It's a little sleepy , Follow these notes , So as to keep it as a specimen for later memory .

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