Accept your own imperfections and make it easier
Life journey 2021-06-04 10:21:05

Around nine in the evening , I just came back from the hospital , I was sleepy on the way back , It's ten o'clock after washing at my daughter's house .

I also have to look around in Jane's book , Reply to Jane , Interact with Jane , Read their articles , Maybe I want to get inspiration from it , Maybe it's sleeping when you feel sleepy —— Not afraid to stop , There's at least one resurrection card .

But , I still don't want to be outdone : Even if it's just a hundred words , I have to write, too !

Ever since I read several articles written by Mr. Zhou Weiying to heal my inner entanglement , I'm totally relieved , I no longer feel that writing a day is a kind of torment .

Most of the essays I've written recently are like diary essays , It's about the release of emotions and the record of people and scenery . It's a broken idea , The stream of consciousness is right , A beginner's state is to start with a diary .

Diary , Diary , It's everyday . I write the daily news with the mentality of keeping a diary , There is not so much entanglement in my heart , There's not so much in my mind whether or not to 、 Do you want to have a day shift .

I feel so relaxed and natural when I write , I'm so calm , We can see that one's writing mentality is so important .

With peace of mind , Can accept their own shortcomings , Let slack work be turned into positive action , It's not a difficult thing .

Talk to yourself like this , The Japanese version was completed .

Maybe what I wrote today is not very interesting , It doesn't make any sense , But it's better than falling asleep .

One accepts one's imperfections , And then know how to try . It's better than nothing . Right ?

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