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Life journey 2021-06-04 10:20:58

The fourth day my baby was born , Jaundice index ( Bilirubin concentration ) It's on the high side , The baby's face is yellow . The doctor said , This is the baby's defecation frequency is not enough , So that bilirubin can not be discharged in time , The reason for the gradual rise of its concentration .

At eleven in the evening , The nurse tested again , The concentration of bilirubin is 16.2mg/dl, It's out of the normal range 4mg/dⅠ.

therefore , My baby was diagnosed with neonatal pathological jaundice and transferred to the neonatal inpatient department .

Around eleven , I have returned to my daughter's home , I've just finished writing Japanese Geng , See my daughter's wechat jump out : “ Mom ”

And the next minute it's gone . at that time , My heart hung up for no reason .

After a while , My daughter just said : “ I'm going to be separated from the cub for a few days ……”

My daughter's words , Let me smell anxiety in it 、 sad 、 Helpless and incomparably worried breath .

I know I haven't seen my granddaughter these days , My heart is also full of ups and downs .

This morning, , When I got there , Said Yuesao , Last night, Baoma cried bitterly , Baopa has no plan .

And I'm not with my daughter . This is confinement , How can you shed tears like this ?

What is fatal is , After the baby was taken to the neonatal ward , The hospital doesn't give family visits yet .

Ah ! These days of separation , It's been a tough journey .

I hastened to comfort my daughter : “ Not nervous , The baby is a newborn , If you have a problem, you have to go to the Department of Neonatology for treatment . Doctors and nurses take care of , Not afraid of .”

Originally , I'm going to wait for my daughter to go to the confinement center , I went to Changsha to take care of my elder sister . But now , I don't know how many days it will take for the baby to leave the hospital . So it seems , I still can't go to Changsha .

Now it's more and more clear , Life is too short , What fame and fortune do 、 have tremendous property , It's not enviable , Only the health and safety of a family is the most important thing .

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